We're Running Round In Circles With The RG3 v Luck Argument.

At this point there has been countless arguments and counter arguments and counter counter arguments in the debate as to who is the better QB. At this point it seems to me people have already made their minds up (including me). Personally not only do I think Griffin is the better prospect RIGHT NOW I also think he will be going into the future. I've debated the merits of my stance countless times and at this point I don't feel like rehashing it here again. This platform is been used to make a broader point.

Both sides can seek to reiterate, illuminate, educate, enlighten and broaden the perspective of their debate opponent but don't kid yourself into thinking you're going to get someone to change their mind. Whilst I would like to think that I've been fair in my assessment and been willing to give credit and concede on certain points when I see it valid to do so I've noticed that the pro Luck debaters have not been as gracious.

And what I've found to be particularly frustrating is the pro Luck argument has essentially boiled down to a "just because" and "everyone else says so", of course it shouldn't take a particularly intelligent person to see why this isn't a valid line of argument. Some have even gone as far as too misapply imagined character flaws to Griffin so as to make their coronation of Luck seem more acceptable and bolster the merit of their choice over Griffin, this is poor form.

When I debate I'm not seeking to convince anyone of why I think Griffin is the superior QB I'm simply defending a stance, if you think Luck is better and there are numerous individuals who do - that's fair enough. But please when you do say why YOU think Luck is better. I'm not moved or particularly impressed in what scouts, analysts and so called "experts" have to say. These individuals get it wrong too often for their word to be taken as gospel. At best their proclamations are reference points to be utilised and should not be the foundation of an argument, I'm interested in the opinion YOU came to by your lonesome and individual assessment.

In closing my points are summarised as follows:

  • If you're pro Luck bring a better argument than "just because".
  • People on either side - you won't convince anyone to change their mind.
  • The best pro Griffin debaters can do is clear the myths, ignorance and faulty evaluations that are often attributed to individuals of Griffin's unique skill set. "running QB" "not as mentally sharp" be damned.
  • Debate in good faith and just because someone dares not to agree with the consensus narrative that Luck is the superior QB doesn't make them "delusional" or "misinformed".
  • Base your fundamental points on what you see and believe with your own eyes and stop using someone else's opinion as a crutch to support a shaky argument.
Thanks for reading.
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