Latest 2012 7-Round Mock Draft

Hey guys,

Here is my latest 2012 7 Round Mock Draft. You can see the full mock at the link, but I'll share my Redskins picks, and my thoughts on them.

1st Round: Robert Griffin, QB Baylor: No mystery here, as Griffin is the choice (unless the Colts throw a curve ball). Griffin's athletic ability and strong arm will be a good fit for the Redskins offense. Though some development still needs to be done.

3rd Round: Zebrie Sanders, OT Florida State: I really believe that Sanders could fall into the 3rd round, which could be great for the Skins. While he didn't have the most impressive Senior Bowl week or Combine, but he's had a nice career. He's a really good value pick here and fills a major need.

4th Round: Mychal Kendricks, ILB Cal: Assuming Fletcher is back, I don't think the Redskins need to come out of this draft with a linebacker. But if someone like Kendricks falls to the 4th than I think it makes sense. Not only do I believe he would be a great replacement for Fletcher in a couple of years, but I also believe that he could end up beating out Perry Riley at some point this year.

4th Round: Casey Hayward, CB Vanderbilt: I know this might be wishful thinking, and personally I love Hayward and would take him even in the 3rd round, but there doesn't seem to be that love among team sites and draft sites. Hopefully he lasts this long, b/c his upside and potential is extremely high. He's got a great work ethic and is a leader on the field.

5th Round: Adam Gettis, G Iowa: I know I've had him going later before, but I think some team will jump on him in the late 5th-early 6th round. I considered going DB here, or one of the talented WR's (despite it not being a need), but the Skins need linemen, and Gettis is worth taking a shot on here. He's a great fit for the ZBS (played in it in college), and has a lot of upside.

6th Round: George Bryan, TE NC State: I've grabbed him here before and I really believe this is a great pick for the Skins. He's a really good inline blocker that can help get our ground game going, and help protect Griffin a bit as well. He's also a perfect safety valve option as he's big, strong and has really great hands. He'll never stretch the field, but he'll be a valuable receiver for them. With Davis entering a contract year, and Cooley's future a bit in doubt, having a 3rd TE is a smart investment.

7th Round: Tydreke Powell, DE/DT UNC: By no means the biggest need, but Powell has some nice upside and should develop into a nice rotational player. He might even be able to give some snaps at the NT position (not a given though). Other positives are that he's never really been injured, played for the Redskins staff and was a team captain. I consider this a value pick, and a solid pick-up for the Skins.

So what did you think?

Steve Shoup will be covering the NFL Draft for his own site so check out his NFL Draft Page for more details and updates throughout the draft season! Also if you are looking to purchase the Fanspeak NFL Draft Guide don't forget to use the discount code 'hogshaven' for a special price! HTTR!

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