3.8.12 Redskins 4 Round Mock Draft

If Laron Landry walks Redskins have a couple safety options in the draft...

Redskins have the option of letting Landry walk or sign him to a Troy Polamalu contract. If they let him walk this is the possible scenario that could play out.

First Round 6th Pick

Redskins lose out on the Blockbuster trade with the Rams, So they decide to trade down to pick 17 which the Bengals currently hold. In this trade the Bengals are eager to trade up and draft their future running back in Trent Richardson, what they give up are their 1st and 2nd round picks this year and a 1st and 3rd rounder next year. At 17 the Redskins get their new " Quarterback" of the defense with Mark Barron the hard hitting strong safety from the number one defense in college football.


With the 39th Pick the Washington Redskins Select

Brandon Weeden. Weeden is a safe pick he may be 28 by the start of the season but he is a more mature and pro ready quarterback then any other late first round quarterbacks.


He'll be a good addition to the Redskins as they look to become potential playoff contenders. His main targeted receiver was Blackmon but the Redskins are can't afford that high risk in getting Blackmon so they go to free agency and give Weeden a weapon like Marques Colston or Vincent Jackson. With a full recovery from Hankerson this could shape into gun slinging offense with a solid running game.

With the 53rd Pick the Washington Redskins Select

Zebrie Sanders OT Florida State

If I were the GM of the Skins I would cut the injury prone Jamaal Brown and inject some youth in the line. Sanders has the strength and athleticism to be an above average Right Tackle in the NFL. He and Williams will be the bookends to the line for the next decade.


With the 70th Pick the Washington Redskins Select

Josh Norman CB Coastal Carolina

The Redskin's secondary is a little banged up so they take a solid CB with their third round pick.


With the 102nd Pick the Washington Redskins Select

Josh Chapman NT Alabama

The Redskin's D Line is probably the most solid line they have I chose Chapman because he is a high motored forceful natural Nose Guard. With this acquisition the Redskins can move Cofield to end where he and Jenkins will create a highly talented pass rush while Chapman takes double teams and plugs the holes.

With the 109th Pick the Washington Redskins Select

Philip Blake C Baylor

With this pick the Redskins add much needed depth to the O line. If Shanahan wants to develop a cohesion with the line he needs to move Montgomery to LG and start Blake as the Center. This way Weeden and Blake can create a bond for the next 5-7 years.







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