FA and Draft Predictions

Here is what I see happening:

FA: We make a play for Carr and Myers. Also I think we should and will make a play for Solilai and Nicks, but that they will eventually end up somewhere else. We also upgrade big time at WR and sign Vincent Jackson (I like Colston, but I think that Jackson is the pick here given Colston’s knees). London will be resigned. Take that one to the bank. Landry will go somewhere else (I’m thinking we should keep him though).

Other teams: Manning to Miami, Flynn to Seattle. Browns opt to upgrade their line (possible landing spot for Nicks?) and stick with Colt for another year, I don’t think they have completely eliminated him yet. If he tanks it, then they are in good shape for Bray or Barkley next year.

This leads us to the draft:

IND – Andrew Luck. This is one of the only predictable things about this draft.

WAS – Robert Griffin III. We pull the trigger and land RG3. This makes more and more sense to me every day. I hope we don’t have to over pay too much, hopefully FA will help bring the price down, but I see us doing whatever necessary to land him.

MIN – Matt Kalil. This the other predictable thing in the draft. Kalil for me is the best player available. I wish we could land him and have bookend tackles (TW and Kalil would be a sight for sore eyes). Minnesota, while missing out on the loot from the #2 pick, cleans up nicely here.

CLE – Justin Blackmon. The Browns decide to clean up the line in FA and add a weapon for Colt this year. Like I said, if Colt falls through, Bray or Barkley would benefit by having a nice possession receiver to grow alongside.

TAM – Morris Claiborne. Tampa Bay, in dire need of upgrade at CB (Aqib is going to jail and Ronde is like 112 or something), lands the best defensive player in the draft. Claiborne should have came off the board sooner, but CLE already has a nasty secondary and MIN really wants to keep Ponder on his feet. This is a great pick for Tampa Bay, I don’t see anyone else at this spot if Claiborne is still on the board.

STL – Riley Reiff – St. Louis cleans up nicely in the draft and picks Reiff at six. This will help ensure that Bradford can turn into the franchise QB we all know him to be.

What I don’t see happening (AKA – I pray to god this doesn’t happen) – Brandon Weeden will not be a Redskin and most definitely will not be coming off the board in the second round. I think any team that spends more than a third round pick on this guy is insane. I don’t see why Weeden appears to be a popular choice amongst some ‘Skins fans. If he ever gets past the learning curve he will be on the wrong side of 30. Picking up Weeden would be the most disappointing thing that could happen, for me.

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