Wide Receivers on the mind.

This off season one of our biggest needs is a #1 wide receiver. Most people think we will get a wide receiver through free agency and the draft. It makes sense and a waste of money. IMO, some fans are just way too desperate and don't know what they are talking about anymore.

WE ONLY NEED 1 PEOPLE!!!!! We draft 3 last year and we are most likely keeping to of them, Leonard Hankerson and Niles Paul. We just need someone to play opposite of Leo. The Washington Redskins all ready have plenty of #2 and #3 guys. There is Anthony Armstrong, Terrence Austin, and Niles Paul. Brandon Banks is staying on the squad for punt and kick returns. No matter what, we are gong to keep Santana for at least another year because of his contract w/ 7 million guaranteed. Lastly, we have Gaffeny, who actually had a solid performance last season considering that Sexy Rexy was throwing him the ball, but he should not be #1. That is enough competition for the #3 and #4 spot, letting Leo have the #2 spot, and also allowing that #1 spot to remain available. Who is it going to be....

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via Free Agency

First off, Dwayne Bowe and Wes Welker are franchised, Stevie Johnson has resigned with the Bills. In this scenario we sign Peyton Manning and draft RG3.

MIke Wallace- Anyone would love to have this guy on their squad. He is a huge, big, deep threat, who will continuously help the team for the next several years, but he is tendered for a 1st round draft pick, meaning we would not be able to get RG3.

Vincent Jackson- Again he is a great deep threat and would do well as a wide receiver here in Washington, but he is 1 mistake away form being suspended for 1 year do to DUI. He would not help our image after we just had 2 guys sucking on grass.

Brandon Llyod- He is a legitimate #1 wide receiver, but he is also 31 right now and will not give us the long term guy that we need.

Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon- Reggie is old and we should not get him as a package deal with Peyton Manning. Garcon is not good enough to be our #1 guy and should also not be a package deal with Peyton.

Marques Colston- He is my favorite to 'take the cake'. He is a big, physical receiver who fights for the ball. Not mentioning that he is still in his prime. He is also not just a project of Drew Brees. He has received over 6,000 yards in 6 seasons. He has got to be doing something right. Although, he was surrounded by plenty of talent, which is not a plus. We might obtain him during FA.

via 2012 Draft

During this part of the draft let's say we trade our 1st and 3rd round picks this year and a 1st round pick next year for RG3, while still have obtaining Peyton Manning.

1st round wide receivers- Justin Blackmon is easily the best wide receiver, but RG3 is our biggest need IMO. And to acquire any of the other 1st round receivers we would have to trade back or stay put, so that means no top receivers...sigh

Mohamed Sanu- He would be a great edition to the team if he falls to our pick in the 2nd round. Sanu has the speed, football IQ, and power to do well in Washington. I'm willing to take Sanu is the 2nd round.

Stephen Hill- He was a good 3rd round selection until he did so well at the combine. He is 6-4 216 lbs and has great physicality. Now Stephen Hill will most likely get drafted in the late 1st round, but if he does fall to us in the 2nd round of the draft, he should be a no-brainer.

Nick Toon- He has exceptional size at 6-2 215 lbs. He also had a 40 time that was faster than what most people expected. Toon ran a 4.54 40 yard dash time. He showed good routes and ball skills at the combine. He also had amazing stats over the course of the season, considering that he went to Wisconsin, a major running school. Throughout the season he had 64 reception, 926 yards and 10 TDs. He will most likely be a late 2nd or early 3rd round pick in April.

Juron Criner- Criner is also a big target, who weighed in at the combine at 6-3 224 lbs. He lead Arizona in receiving for the last 2 seasons. He was a jump ball specialist and did well getting into the the end zone, having 11 touchdowns on the season. Criner will also probably get drafted in the 3rd round as well. He is definitely overrated.

Lastly, I looked at the late round wide receivers like Chris Givens out of Wake Forest and A.J. Jenkins out of Illinois, who are both speedsters, but are small and will be slot receivers in the NFL.

Who do you want?

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