OL Insanity Continues!!!

So it would seem that some folks are still losing their mind because the team has not "addressed" the OL. While I do believe the OL needs work, the level of insanity has reached epic proportions because so far people have mocked 3 (!?!?!?) OL in the community mock draft. No way 3 OL are drafted with the 3rd and two 4th round picks IMO. Those 3 specific picks WILL NOT be used exclusively on OL. What people seem to be forgetting is that (I believe) the team only kept 8 OL on the active roster last year. Here is what the current roster looks like:

Jamal Brown - T

Chris Chester - G

Erick Cook - C/G

Maurice Hurt - G

Kory Licht - G

Will Montgomery - C

Tyler Polumbus - T

Willie Smith - T

Trent Williams - T

Plus Nevin McCaskill & Cole Pemberton (both of them Tackles)

As I see it there are at least 6 definites (JB, TW, WS, KL, WM, CC). That leaves Polumbus, Cook, McCaskill, & Pemberton to at least get a shot in training camp to earn a roster spot (most likely one of those guys takes the 7th spot out of 8 (again I believe it is 8 they kept last year).

THEREFORE - If 3 mid round draft picks are used on OL it's a numbers game that would suggest one of those 3 would not make the team. Mid-round picks USUALLY make the team. Picks in rounds 6 & 7 I think those picks would be easier to cut IMO, but I'm not a GM, and since 3 Mid Round OL would not all be likely to make the team, that would be a waste of a pick or two.

This does not suggest that the OL does not need help, it would be better to use those picks wisely drafting the best available and paying attention to the fact that the secondary may be in just as bad shape (2 starters out of 5 positions in the secondary (CB1, CB2, CB3, SS, FS). The Cap Penalty screwed the Redskins no doubt, but need and anxiety alone can lead to reaching for players and passing over talent. Talent is needed at numerous positions on this team, not just the OL. You can't take a lesser talented guy with great upside guy just to reach for OL help.

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