7 Round Mock Draft

Hey guys I posted my first 7 Round Mock Draft, now that the draft order has been set. You can read the whole thing Here! I'll lay out the Redskins picks with my reasons behind them.

1st. Robert Griffin III: This is obviously the pick, assuming the Colts take Luck. He's got elite upside, and if the Redskins develop him properly they will have their franchise QB.

3rd. S Markelle Martin: The safety class begins to thin out and Martin I believe can be both an early starter, and a future star. He's got great leadership qualities and has a great work ethic.

4th (1): OT Jeff Allen: Allen is versatile and should be able to contribute early as a rookie. Long term he might be a better guard, but I think he's still going to be a passable RT option.

4th (2): CB Casey Hayward: I'm a huge fan of Hayward's. He's a leader, who has great ball skills and can really be a nice addition. I think automatically he's our 3rd best CB, and in a year or two could be a very good starter.

5th: WR Tommy Streeter: Partly this pick is just good value, but I also don't think the team is done adding weapons for RGIII. Streeter has excellent size and speed, but he could fall b/c he's pretty raw. If he's still on the board I think he's the pick here. It might take him a year or two to fully develop, but considering I'd expect Gaffney, Moss and Morgan to be gone within the next two years, that's not a bad thing.

6th: TE George Bryan: I'm sure I'll get a lot of flak for this pick, but I think its a great value. At just about any other position a 6th rounder would have limited chance to play next year. But a blocking TE is desperately needed. Logan Paulsen struggled big time in that role, and even before the Cooley injury and Davis suspension, would have been looking at 200+ snaps. Bryan is a very good inline blocker, which can allow Cooley and Davis to be more involved in the passing game, and not being the primary edge blocker in the ground game. In addition, Bryan has excellent size, and great hands. He lacks speed and won't stretch the field, but in the red zone and as an underneath target he can be very effective. Given Gooley's injury issues and Davis's potential to get suspended, it is a very safe/smart pick.

7th: G Adam Gettis: Gettis blew up the Combine with a great workout, but he's still a raw prospect and will likely fall to this range. He's a great value pick here given his upside, and obviously help fills a need.

So what do you think which of these picks do you like? And who would you have taken instead, based on who was available?

Steve Shoup will be covering Free Agency and the NFL Draft for his own site, but will provide write-ups on players for the Redskins here on Hogs Haven as well. Check out his NFL Draft Page for more details and updates throughout the draft season! HTTR!

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