Redskins Aiming for Draft Picks Compensation Relief with Pursuit of Peyton

My Theory on the Redskins Cap Penalty Resolution: The Washington Redskins want draft picks to make up for missing the beginning of Free Agency.

According to Shanahan's Interview the Redskins were Officially given notice with 1 hour before Free Agency started
that they would lose $36million in cap space over two years.

With the Short Notice the Redskins could not appeal. On the biggest day of the Off Season the Reskins were dunked on. How about getting the top 3 Wide Receivers on the open market to give RGIII a running start? How about stepping up and getting one of the 2 Stud Offensive Guards and a top end Right Tackle? It must've sucked watching the #1 Cornerback sign with Tampa Bay.

The NFL conspired to not only punish the Redskins but to put a massive dagger in their heart with the timing of the penalty. Couldn't this have been resolved a month before Free Agency started so that the Redskins could appeal the penalty so that the team could be ready no matter what on the opening day of Free Agency? Of course it could have.

Here is where Daniel Snyder, Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen are now swinging for the fences.

IF and a big IF: If the Special Arbitrator, Steven Burbank, agrees that the Redskins and Cowboys are right in their appeal of the Penalty they will most likely be given "RELIEF." Since there is no possible way to go back to turn back the clock on opening day through now, and sign a top Wide Receiver or Conerback or Offensive Guard the Special Arbitrator will probably ask the Redskins and Cowboys what would be their opinion on how to be just compensated. Just giving back the cap space does not make up for missing out on the top of the line free agents. There is no going back.

Mike Shanahan coming out and confirming that the Redskins plan was to sign Peyton Manning, even after trading for the right to select RGIII, was absolutely brilliant. He even said Peyton was upset.

The biggest statement from Mike Shanahan from the Washington Post: Shanahan said he thought having Manning and a highly regarded rookie quarterback on the roster would have created a perfect situation for the Redskins and didn’t believe Manning would have been fazed by such an arrangement. But by the end of the meeting, Shanahan said, he had a sense that the Redskins wouldn’t be able to sign Manning.

THE REDSKINS WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO SIGN MANNING: There it is folks. That statement was meant for one person: Steven Burbank. If the Redskins win Relief from the Cap Penalty they can claim that because of the unjust timing the Redskins were not able to sign Peyton Manning. What would be the compensation for not being able to sign a 4 time MVP who just signed a $96million contract? My hope is at least a 1st and 2nd round draft pick.

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