Discussing the Draft, what we might do after getting RGIII

The off-season is a little boring right now. Couldn't be happier with RGIII coming to DC. That was perfect. I want london back too.

Who do you like with the 3rd round pick.

I want Joe Adams, return specialist out of Arkansas.

or Kheeston Rhandall, DT out of Texas.

Or Senio Kelemete, LG out of Washington.

Anyone think we will pull a Brandon Marshall in the draft and get a star WR.

I'm thinking maybe,

Juron Criner, Arizona

Gerrell Robinson, ASU

Brian Quick, Small School

Sleeper Picks (Guys with big names we might go after in the later rounds):

Ryan Broyles, WR

A Right Tackle maybe let me know who you think

Russel Wilson, QB - bring him in to back up RGIII, play style is a little similar.

Some draft patterns I think I've noticed with Shanahan

Players are religious, believe in God
- this might be because it shows a player is more focused instead of living the star lifestyle. Gods not my thing but some people are into it. Guys like Helu, Kerrigan all talk about religion.

Players tend to be seniors
- seems to be going after guys who didn’t come out earlier, seems smart since success the nfl is more about long term daily commitment. Hence the pickup in Jarvis Jenkins, who wasn’t a big name but was well respected by clemson fanbase and started all 4 years.

Players tend to be accomplished, production increased all 4 years
- Seems to go after guys that were productive in college, had storied careers or made large statistical contributions. One example is evan royster, who doesn’t look great so lasted in the 6 round but is Penn State’s all time leading rusher. The players also seem to have increased production throughout their career. This has led to some productive late round pickups, chris neild hasn’t been bad, dejon gomes has contributed, perry riley is alright, selvish capers I thought was decent although didn’t pan out, etc.

Doesn’t care about bench press.
- Trent Williams I think put up like 16 reps. Smart enough to realize that a guy who is wowing everyone on the bench is probably on steroids. Players on steroids get injured, ala Laron Landry, Demarco Murray.

40 Time, Prefers athletes
- seems to prefer good athletes. Needs a good 40 times but doesn’t have to set the world on fire. Roy Helu had a 4.45 I think. Goes after guys who look fluid in drills and and can move, especially in lineman such as Trent.

Likes the hometown connection

- Kind of randomly moving in and out of his draft history and his FA history but Josh Morgan, Josh Wilson, Evan Royster all hometown kids.

All guys I'm kind of looking at as we might draft. This could be completely wrong, but those are just guys I think match up with what we are doing, and I think might be good. Hopefully we can get some more S help, I can not watch Reed Doughty take the field for another snap. Sorry there's nothing to really argue about it in here, when the organization is in good hands there's a lot less to discuss. Let me know about guys who we might get in the draft that you think could be suprisingly productive in the NFL.

Joe Adams – Arkansas, Return Specialist.
Senio Kelemete – Washington, LG
Kheeston Rhandall – Texas, DT
Micanor Regis – The U, DT
Levvy Addock – OSU, LT
Gerrell Robinson – ASU, WR
Juron Criner – Arizona, WR
Matt Daniels – Duke, SS

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