The Glory of # 2

The middle school basketball coach just finished spouting out an intricate play and you are so thankful you are in the second group, because you weren't listening.

You are on the price is right and the guy bidding first is so excited he thinks the Chevy Volt and trip to the Bahamas is $40,000, so you, bidding second, bid 1.

For #1, you are satisfied with a roadside tree, but for #2, you need the private bathroom on the edge of the house equipped with magazines and a vent fan. An arm arrives, unbroken and you call your wife or friends to view in amazement. There is glory in #2.

As the sports world watches, for once, the Redskins are sitting in the catbird seat at #2. If Luck falls to us then great. If the Colts stay with who they decided on in 2010, then RG3 comes to Washington. Either way, it is a glorious time. I researched the #2 drafts of all time and compared them with the #1 drafts and determined there is no evidence to prove #1 is better than #2. Yes there have been some great #1's, just as there have been some #1 bust. On the same token there have been as many #2 standouts as there have been #2 bust.

Both QB's are unproven in the NFL, so both are still a crap-shoot. However, I think the Redskins are better prepared to receive either QB. While the media hates on Redskin nation, everyone concedes that Washington has much more to offer than the Colts. The last several years, Peyton Manning compensated for the lack of talent in Indy, which came to light this past season.

So, get out the toilet paper (Costco style, as IH8 would say) and get some good magazines. Come 2012-13 season, hopefully what we glory in, is not a turd.

Below are a list of #2's:

2011 Von Miller DE/OLB Texas A&M Denver

2010 Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska Detroit

2009 Jason Smith OT Baylor St. Louis

2008 Chris Long DE Virginia St. Louis

2007 Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech Detroit

2006 Reggie Bush RB Southern California New Orleans

2005 Ronnie Brown RB Auburn Miami

2004 Robert Gallery T Iowa Oakland

2003 Charles Rogers WR Michigan State Detroit

2002 Julius Peppers DE North Carolina Carolina

2001 Leonard Davis T Texas Arizona

2000 LaVar Arrington OLB Penn State Washington

1999 Donovan McNabb QB Syracuse Philadelphia

1998 Ryan Leaf QB Washington State San Diego

1997 Darrell Russell DT Southern California Oakland

1996 Kevin Hardy OLB Illinois Jacksonville

1995 Tony Boselli T Southern California Jacksonville

1994 Marshall Faulk RB San DiegoState Indianapolis

1993 Rick Mirer QB Notre Dame Seattle

1992 Quentin Coryatt MLB Texas A&M Indianapolis

1991 Eric Turner S UCLA Cleveland

1990 Blair Thomas RB Penn State N.Y. Jets

1989 Tony Mandarich T Michigan State Green Bay

1988 Neil Smith DE Nebraska Kansas City

1987 Cornelius Bennett OLB Alabama Indianapolis

1986 Tony Casillas DT Oklahoma Atlanta

1985 Bill Fralic G Pittsburgh Atlanta

1984 Dean Steinkuhler T Nebraska Houston

1983 Eric Dickerson RB Southern Methodist L.A. Rams

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