My Mock 3.0

As of now Fletcher has not signed and we still need a CB, FS, ILB, RT, OG, and C. We have upgraded our WR with Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan. We got Brandon Merriweather to cover SS and Cedric Griffin for CB/FS. . So in the draft we pick...

1st and 2nd

QB Robert Griffin III


WR Ryan Broyles

I wanted to go FS here but I am starting to think they will shift Griffin over from CB to FS. So we take Broyles now Broyles was probably one of the most exciting and productive receiver last year before a torn ACL sidelined him for the 2011 season. He has great ball skills and can runs great routes but most of all he just knows how to plain get open. He would be great in the slot and can play on special teams in order to do KR/PR. He could even replace Moss this year.

Other Possibilities:

ILB Mychal Kendricks

FS Markelle Martin


T James Brown

Jamal Brown has, let's face it, been ineffective. However, when the start of camp arrives, unless he gets cut before then, he will most likely be our starting RT. I have seen other Mocks having us draft Jeff Allen but I want to go a different direction with James Brown from Troy. Brown was a beast at LT for Troy rarely allowing a sack on his side. He is quick off the line and is quick to get up field. Also, when he blocks a player that player rarely gets off the block.

Other Possibilities:

OT Jeff Allen

CB Josh Norman


C David Molk

Molk is a beast on the field and in the gym. If the Redskins want to grab a C this year for a depth player and future starter I think Molk is your best bet.

Other Possibilities:

WR Ryan Broyles (if we decide not to take him in the 3rd and he is still here)


CB Coryell Judie

We obviously need a nickel CB because Barnes was just okay at it last season. I think if we don't bring in a FA then Judie will make a good addition. Judie can compete for the nickel spot and could be a good depth player.

Other Possibilities:

C David Molk (if we decide not to take him in the 4rd and he is still here)


ILB Tank Carder

We all know we need depth and a project ILB to play after Fletcher (if he comes back) so we take Tank Carder. Tank is a high motor and highly effective player. He may not be super athletic to get drafted high but his competitiveness, toughness and hard work will make him hard to ignore. He will most likely play special teams at first but will be a solid contributor.

Other Possibilities:

CB Dequan Menzie


G Adam Gettis

Gettis is purely a depth player for now. He needs to add some weight because as of now he is underweight for the position. However, he is quick off the line and has quick feet and hands. He is very versatile and could be a steal at the 7th round.

I used and for my predictions.

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