My Predictions for Draft and FA

With the draft coming closer and closer the rumors seem to grow more and more. What is scary is that they seem to make a lot of sense and are coming from good sources. The closer we get to the draft the more it seems like the trade with the Rams is going to happen. I have been against the trade for a while now but there have been some talk of Redskins/Rams trade that seem to be franchise friendly. So the trade will be a swapping of 1st and trading away a 1st and 4th (maybe a 3rd) next year and another 3rd this year. This trade will be similar to the Giants and Chargers trade back in '04 for Eli and Rivers.

But before the draft ill start my predictions with the obvious must re-sign players and the ones I think should come back.

Re-sign: (TE Fred Davis is already Franchise Tagged)

1. ILB London Fletcher (duh)

2. SS Laron Landry

if he is willing to come back on a cheaper 1-2 year contract to prove he is healthy and the player we all know he can be....then yes please sign him.

3. RB Tim Hightower

Hightower is a good back and if we can get him back to prove it he can be a great veteran back to help Helu and Royster with a few things. He would also have to be okay with a reduced role if Shanahan chooses to run with a three headed RB attach again.

4. LG Kory Lichtensteiger (duh)

5. DE Adam Carriker

No matter how good Jarvis Jenkins looked last year he has still never played a regular season game and with the knee injury still might need more time learning or getting back in the groove. So bringing Carriker back on a one year deal or cheaper multi-year deal with the chance to be rotating in and out with Jenkins might not be a bad thing. Jenkins might need a couple games before he steps up.

6. RB Evan Royster

7. ILB Keyaron Fox

8. P Sav Rocca

9. K Graham Gano

10. T Willie Smith

Now for some new FA signings. I say we go out and get:

1. Dwayne Bowe/ Marques Colston

Bowe is the greatest FA signing we could get. I think IMO Dwayne Bowe isn't gonna stay in KC. I don't think the two side will come to a agreement with Bowes contract. There are also rumors saying KC want to give Bowe the Franchise tag but as I understand a Unrestricted Free Agent player doesn't have any obligation to accept a deal from their old team. If that is right, Bowe has the right to shop his service around (if I'm wrong let me know). Even if KC offers the tag Bowe could accept the offer from the skins who are willing to pay for a long term deal, plus the incentive of RG3 throwing to him.

Colston will most likely walk and if he does and Bowe isn't available he will be the next best option.

2. Carl Nicks.

Nicks can be a great addition to solidify our OL. If we do get Nicks I could see us shifting Chester or Lichtensteiger over to C where some say could be a better position for either of them. Then Montgomery would fall to a back up role at guard or center.

3. The rest of the cap space can be used to find quality players for depth at different positions

Now for the draft:


1st- *Trade* QB RG3

Combine Numbers:

Height: 6-2" Weight: 223lbs

40YD: 4.41s V. Jump: 39.0" B. Jump:120.0"


The only way I feel this trade is not blown out of proportions is if the trade goes down the similar route of the Giants and Chargers trade. The Redskins and Rams decide to swap 1st rounder's this year and the Skins give up their 1st round pick next year along with a 3rd this year and a 4th next year . Or something along those lines it would even be acceptable to give a 3rd this and next year (but for argument sake lets go with what I posted above). I don't think I need to tell anyone about RG3's talents and ability.

As for the Browns I'm starting to believe the Browns might be more invested in Colt McCoy than many believe. For a 2nd round QB he has been a leader and the driving force of that team that lacks a lot of things but especially WR and RB. Given a better supporting cast McCoy could be their franchise guy. IMO I feel like they would rather take another year gamble on McCoy. They will either get a Trent Richardson or Blackmon or Floyd. I put my money on Richardson being the 4th overall pick and a WR on their 22nd overall pick. Giving McCoy the weapons he needs and later in the draft able to address the other team needs. Leaving the Redskins our Franchise QB Robert Griffin 3rd.

2nd- ILB Mychal Kendricks

Combine Numbers:

Height: 6-0" Weight: 240lbs

40YD: 4.47s Bench Press: 24 Reps

V. Jump: 39.5" B. Jump: 127.0"

20yd Shuttle 4.19s


Kendricks is a productive LB with a lot of physical ability. He brings a lot to the table. He is a physical player, solid tackler who has the speed to attack the gaps and go side line to side line. He could be forced to start right away but if drafted by the Skins I see him sitting behind Fletcher learning from our all star pro and getting lots of playing time subbing in and out with Perry Riley.

3rd- *Traded for RG3*

4th- OT Tom Compton

Height: 6-5" Weight: 314lbs

Combine Numbers:

40YD: 5.11s Bench Press: 20 Reps

V. Jump: 30.0" B. Jump: 108.0"

3 Cone: 7.59s 20yd Shuttle: 4.60s


Compton has NFL-caliber size for the T position while also possessing good athleticism that Shanahan likes as well. He is coming from a smaller school and might be a good under the radar draft choice. Despite coming from the smaller school he has shown efficiency, intelligence, and athletic ability to play at the next level. Compton is quick and can use angles to effectively and can get to the second level when pulling. One knack on his game is his lack of experience against better rushers because of the smaller school. I could see a competition at RT between Brown, Smith, and Compton.

4th- CB Josh Normand

Height: 6-0" Weight: 197lbs

Combine Numbers:

40YD: 4.66s Bench Press: 14 Reps

V. Jump: 33.0" B. Jump: 124.0"

3 Cone: 7.09s 20yd Shuttle: 4.23s


Norman is a great prospect from small-school. He has great size and has an ability to move fluidly and match up with big, athletic WR. Norman does not possess blazing speed but he can still play man and zone well. He is a physical presence on the outside and is smart enough to know when to take risk and when to play it safe. He is also great in run support and has solid tackling ability. Now Norman could face a learning phase due to his small school competition and take some time developing. He could be a suitable big, athletic corner to play nickel besides Hall and Wilson.

5th- C David Molk

Height: 6-1" Weight: 298lbs

Combine Numbers:

Bench Press: 41 Reps


I was thinking of going with a WR like Marvin McNutt here in the 5th round but with the pick up of Bowe I think center is a better choice. Molk was once the nation's top center. He has good speed and quickness off the line but is also effective at pulling. Molk has good footwork and is a strong player but he is slightly underweight. It hasn't affected his play to this point but one does wonder if at the next level if he will need to bulk up. He is could be a solid back up for a while as he fixes his bad tendencies. He can be slow at blitz pick up and could use work on his technique, but he is solid center.

I could see a move at the center position like moving Lichtensteiger or Chester over to center where I think they might be better suited and going for a younger guard like Carl Nicks for left or right guard. Then let Montgomery play the role of back up to guard where he will player better.

6th- SS Tony Dye

Height: 6-0" Weight: 201lbs


Dye could have been drafted higher if he didn't sustain a neck injury. This injury is seriously hurting his draft stock and if effected enough could be a big steal for us. Dye missed out on the combine due to the injury but was projected to run a low 4.5 40 time. Dye is a smart player who can read the QBs eyes and plays the ball well. Above all else he is a interesting prospect with talent and a great leader for the locker room. He could be back up for Landry and play special teams if he can get over the past injuries but honestly for a 6th round pick with 2-3rd round potential he is a steal if healthy.

7th- WR Chris Owusu

Height: 6'0" Weight: 196lbs

Combine Numbers:

40YD: 4.36s Bench Press: 19 Reps

V. Jump: 40.5" B. Jump: 129.0"

3 Cone: 6.85s 20yd Shuttle: 4.11s

60yd Shuttle: 11.22s


I can see this pick going many ways but I think WR is the way to go. I was drawn between Jermaine Kearse, Marvin McNutt and Chris Owusu. Kearse has potential and could go earlier but with such a large WR draft class I think he could fall maybe not 7th round. NFL networks combine coverage gave McNutt a low grade coming out of the combine and with the low grade it has him falling somewhere between the 6th and 7th round. I don't see it. McNutt will go to someone looking for a solid #2 WR but if he falls to the 7th round I wouldn't hesitate he would be a steal.

WR is one area we could be pretty solid at next year. With Bowe coming in from FA and Hankerson coming along nicely plus Moss and Gaffney our starters are fairly good. Paul and Austin need more work and could work their way up eventually. The one player I never really like and think we could improve from is Anthony Armstrong. Armstrong has shown flashes in 2010 but in 2011 not so much. Defenses just had to jam him and he was pretty much shut down.

Owusu brings that blazing fast speed Armstrong does but Owusu is younger and more reliable. Owusu is also a smart WR with good route running ability and excels at getting separation. He has a good frame and can use it in jump ball situations. He uses his hands to catch the ball away from his body when catching in traffic and is a threat to make some YAC.

Owusu brings another aspect of the game Armstrong does not and that is special teams. Owusu excels as a returner as well. He could be a good replacement for Armstrong and Banks all at the same time. He could replace Banks as a returner and still be a solid receiver since Banks lacks the size to be a NFL WR. He could replace AA because let's face it the only time you hear AA name is when he is running the go route. Owusu can run a go route as well along with other routes.

Id like to thank anyone who actually read the whole post. Enjoy... look forward to your criticism.

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