RG3 & Mortgaging the Skins future? Maybe-Maybe Not

At first ,I was against giving up so many picks for one guy, our Skins have just not had much luck with this type of thing, in the draft or FA's. I was hoping we would trade back and get more picks blah, blah, blah, another year with no franchise QB. But then, it happened, and we basically gave up a 2nd and 2 1st RD picks. Was it to much or not? Seems like a lot of TV analyst think it was mortgaging the future(hate this term) and a few think it was the right move.

Having said that, and just looking at our 1st RD selections over the past 10 yrs, ( I know the scale it tipped because of Vinny) but I think, now, it was defiantly the right move. I also just read, Holmgren is not happy about not moving up to 2nd spot in the draft. I am sure he saw the value in RG3 as well, so it seems. I was just wondering what you guys thought about what we gave up, considering out last 10yrs of draft picks. I am sure I may not be writing this if Allen & Shanny had drafted for us the last 10 yrs.

I am sure you guys know most this by heart, I had to look-up a few and it was funny seeing the ones I forgot;

Redskins Draft 2002-2011 (IMO)

2011=16th- Ryan K ( great pick, & great move trading back)

2010=4th-T Will ( solid pick, yet to be determined)

2009=13th- Rak (great pick)

2008=no pick, traded back from 21st with Atlanta, 3 2nd Rd picks,( 1 for 3,bad year for WR's,just our luck.)

2007= 6th- Laron( seemed like a good pick, but I say bust, you know, like a bicep about to pop)

2006= no pick, traded for JC in 05' 2nd Rd Rocky Mac ( I love Gibbs & JC as a person, but bad football move)

2005= 9th-Carlos Rogers & 25th-JC ( why couldn't he catch the ball in DC, JC is a capable backup)

2004=5th- #21 ( GREAT PICK, RIP)

2003=no pick( traded 13th for rights to Laveranues Coles 2nd Rd Taylor Jacobs ( Coles had one good yr, then traded for Moss, pretty good move in the end)

2002= 32nd-Patrick Ramsey, trade back from 21st with NE & Oakland, not sure the actual trade details,( not so much)

Seeing this, I think we made the right move, we did make the playoffs in 2005 & 2007, and we have had really good teams that should have made the playoffs at least 1 or 2 other years......but a franchise QB is must in NFL, unless you have a once in a decade Def.... 2 1st & a 2nd Rd pick is worth the risk on RG3, it sure helps the team & fan base, which it seemed like was on the verge of suicide with RexBeck as our QB options next year.

I would love to hear your thoughts as well.....HTTR

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