Just a thought for a mock

Mock Draft 3.0

I know FA is still going on but I like to pass the time during my overnights shifts at work doing prospect research and mock drafts for my beloved Redskins instead of homework. So this is my latest version after the obvious trade to the Rams and FA signings of the past two days.

FA signing

David Hawthorne

It seems more and more likely that Fetcher wont be coming back. If that's the case they will continue with the infusion of youth. I think David Hawthorne (26 Years Old) is a great LB who can produce big results and is very young.

David Hawthorne

Year G GS Comb Total Assit Sack Safety PDef INT

2011 15 14 115 73 42 2.0 0 6 3

2012 16 16 106 75 31 0.0 -- 4 1

For the draft:

To start things off I think we can all agree Shanahan and Allen are draft day geniuses so far. They will most likely add a few more picks so I see the Skins trading/cutting a few players to make cap room and get a some draft picks. So I predict Gaffney gets traded for a 4th round pick. He may be older but is coming off his best career yet so he has the most value and Anthony Armstrong gets traded for a 5th round pick. With the signing of Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan (and maybe Eddie Royal) a couple WR are going to be moved and cut and it could really be Moss or Gaffney but it is hard to decide. So we then keep Moss for his leadership role to help with the younger receivers development.


1st- *Trade* QB RG3

2nd-*Traded for RG3*

3rd- FS Markelle Martin

Recently Signed S Merriweather can play both SS and FS so if the Skins decide to play him at SS then we can continue with Martin but if not this pick can become Flexible and I would lean toward a OT.

4th- C Garth Gerhart

4th- CB Josh Normand

4th- ILB James-Michael Johnson

5th- OT Nate Potter

5th- SS Brandon Taylor

6th- G Adam Gettis

7th- TE James Hanna

Let me know if there is anyone you would add to the list and what round my 3rd round pick is based off most top 100 prospects list I could find. I couldnt decided over a OT, FS, SS, or OG in the 3rd round so I went with FS. I think it covers all our bases for now until the Skins have a few more FA signings

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