The Reskins need a #1 WR to go with RG3

Ok I keep hearing a lot of people wanting to sign Vincent Jackson in FA to give RG3 the #1 WR that this team currently lacks. Or even Marques Colston if the Redskins cant get Jackson, and those are the best 2 WR on the FA market this year. I am not a advocate to bring in either of these guys for this Redskins team, lets take a look at why both of these guys would not be a good idea to sign.

Vincent Jackson is NOT a true #1 WR and his numbers over his career is not that of a #1 WR. He has never caught more than 70 balls in a season or got more than 1,200 yds in a season or have caught more than 10 tds in a year. there is nothing about his production that says #1 WR. He is a 29 year old WR that by the time RG3 is hitting his stride in the NFL say 3 years he will be 32 years old, and i dont believe Jackson at this point is going to get better with age. Also for a guy without #1 WR production he will be looking to get paid #1 WR money and Jackson is clearly not a top 5 WR maybe not even top 10 guy, but he will be looking to get 10-13 million a year. Jackson also is a me first kinda guy and character concerns, and could hinder a guy like Robert Griffin III,

Marques Colston is closer to a true #1 WR than Jackson but they are the same age with Colston being 29 years old by the regular season. So the same concern exist with Colston's age that are with Jackson, as a Wr get older they dont tend to get better after 30 years old. Colston also will be looking to get top dollars for his services maybe a little bit less than Jackson even though his production is better than Jackson's maybe between 9-12 million per year. Also with Colston he has a slight injury history and that would prevent me from investing big money into him over multiple years.

Now that still leaves the Redskins without a true #1 WR, I think the Redskins need to develop their own guy or guys to be that #1 WR threat. The Redskins have NOT had a true #1 since James Arthur Monk, the closest thing the Redskins had to a #1 is Santana Moss and he was a very good #2 even at his best here with the Redskins.

Leonard Hankerson has the ability to become a #1 WR 6'2" 215 4.4 speed and good jumping ability.

I would also like to draft a guy in the 3rd like

Brian Quick 6'4" 220lbs 4.55 speed good size, nice hands, good jump ability, all around WR threat a lot of upside and could develop into that #1 target

other guys if Quick not available: Nick Toon 6'2" 215 lbs, Juron Criner 6'3" 225lbs, Greg Childs 6'3 " 220 lbs, Dwight Jones 6'3 230lbs, Jeff Fuller 6'4" 225lbs

none of these guys are sure fire #1 WR's but neither was the top 2 FA WR's expected to be #1's Jackson or Colston one a late 2nd rd pick and a 7th rd pick

The WR's this year would be ok this year without getting a big name WR

Moss, Gaffney, Hankerson, Paul, drafted Rookie(B.Quick), Robinson, drafted Rookie(speedster), Anthony Armstrong, Austin. there is enough guys for RG3 to throw to this year.

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