What's Next Now that Redskins made the trade For RG3?

There has been much debate about whether the Redskins should trade up to the 2nd pick in the draft for Robert Griffin III. At this point there is no more debate about a trade up to number 2 cause it is basically a done deal, there are some that feel this is a bad trade cause the Redskins payed too high a price in picks giving up 2012 1st and 2nd, 2013 1st, and 2014 1st a total of 3 1st rd picks and a 2nd. As most know i have been a supporter of trading up for the rights to draft RG3 from day 1 and i will admit on the surface it is a very steep price to pay however it is not as bad as most think it is. I have maintained that the trade would be 2012 1st,2nd and 2013 1st, 3rd and maybe a 2012 4th as well. The actual trade was about what i expected with exception of the 2014 1st, but it just may end up being a better deal than i was proposing because after it is all said and done the Redskins only giving away 1 draft pick per season for the next 3 drafts although 2 are 1st rd picks they are NOT going to be without draft picks for the next few drafts still have a total of 7 picks this year and 7 in 2013(got a extra 5th) and 6 in 2014. So the Redskins managed to keep the meat of their draft pretty much in place not giving more than 1 pick per year which was a great job by Shanahan and Allen.

Now is the time to support RG3 and the decision that Shanahan and Allen made to move picks to acquire their QB of the future. Shanahan evaluated all the available QB's in the draft and felt like Griffin III was his guy, and did not like the other guys for whatever reasons( Tannehill, Foles,Weeden). Shanahan said he felt like the Redskins needed more playmakers and now are in position to add the best playmaker in this draft in Robert Griffin III. Now what else should the team do, here is a look at what i think they should and probably will do mainly on offense to put around RG3.

Getting this trade out of the way before the draft and FA was a huge benefit for the Redskins now they can plan the rest of the offseason and make moves to improve the team here is what i think they should do in FA. My first objective would be to upgrade the offensive line and add a little depth. look to sign at least 2 O-lineman maybe 3.

G Ben Grubbs, Carl Nicks, Mike Brisil

T Jared Gaither, Anthony Collins, Demetrius Bell or if Levi Jones come available

C Chris Myers

Next i think they will look at bringing in a playmaker on the outside at WR I don't look for them to sign more than 1 guy cause this years draft is so deep a WR nor do i see it being one of the big names that are out there like Vincent Jackson or Marques Colston but some mid range type of guys like

Robert Meachum, Eddie Royal, Pierre Garcon, Early Doucet, Mario Manningham, Jerome Simpson

Now on to the draft there is still a lot of talent to be had in the mid to late rds of this draft 3-7, Shanahan will pick a WR with the 3rd rd pick, but here are some of the guys i think they will target with the remaining pick of the draft.

3rd rd WR Brian Quick 6'4" 220 lbs i think in a few years he could turn out to be the best WR in this draft has good size and speed and all the tools to become a legit #1 WR still is a little raw only been playing football since senior year in high school. but would be my top choice of WR's to take in 3rd rd.

other notable WR's if Quick is off the board

Juron Criner 6'3" 224 lbs, Nick Toon 6'2" 215, Dwight Jones 6'3" 230lbs Marvin Jones 6'2"205 lbs, Tommy Streeter 6'5" 220lbs, Greg Childs 6'3" 220lbs

4th rd T Nate Potter 6'6" 306lbs i think he has all the tools to be a good starting T especially for ZBS

other notables: T Brandon Mosely, T Jeff Allen, T/G James Brown, ILB Vontaz Burfict

4th rd CB Casey Hayward very good cover coner, and good run support

other notables: CB Josh Norman, CB Omar Bolden, CB Ryan Steed, CB Donnie Fletcher, ILB James Michael Johnson

5th Rd WR T.Y. Hilton 5'10" 185 speedster playmaker PR/KR, 4.3 speed with nice WR skills good deep threat

other notables: C David Molk 6'2", WR AJ Jenkins 6'0" 190, WR Marvin McNutt 6'3" 216 lbs, WR Jarius Wright 5'10 183 lbs, WR Devon Wylie 5'9" 187 lbs, ILB Audie Cole, ILB Jerry Franklin

6th rd TE James Hanna 6'4" 252 nice hands and decent blocker, with 4.4 speed great value pick

7th S Winston Guy 6'1"220lbs

if everything fell in line which they rarely do my draft would look something like this

1st Robert Griffin III QB of the Future

2nd trade

3rd WR Brian Quick great potential playmaker

4th T Nate Potter

4th CB Casey Hayward

5th T.Y Hilton bye bye Brandon Banks

6th TE James Hanna

7th S Winston Guy

overall i think this kinda draft would pick up some very nice pieces to add to the overall talent on the roster.

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