I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so

I am not one to toot my own horn usually, but I feel like it is appropriate at this time. There has been a ton of debate on this site regarding what the Redskins would do in this draft. Some of the debate became down right, and unnecessarily, vitriolic at times. So now, with an apparent trade completed, and the Redskins positioned to select RGIII (or Andrew Luck if the Colts see something at either QB's Pro Day that blows their mind), I am going to take a look back to see how easy this was to actually predict.

My position, from day one was clear, even though it ticked off many, including some of the most prominent posters on this site. The Shanahan's boxed themselves in by earlier decisions forcing their hand, whether we liked it or not.

How did I come to that conclusion?

1. The Shanahan's jobs were on the line.

2. There was no possibility of the Shanahan's going the FA route 3 years in a row. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. They are not stupid.

3. With their jobs on the line, the easiest way to buy time would be bring in a young QB to provide a buffer to soften the blow of another losing season.

4. In today's NFL, a Franchise QB is the most important aspect of a winning team (although not the only aspect) . Going for one this year was simply the only logical next move for this regime.

5. Therefore, the Redskins were going to select a QB in the 1st round.

6. The Shanahans would evaluate the QBs and then do whatever it took to get the best QB available to them in the first round. Trading back would not be an option for the Shanahans as it would risk taking destiny out of their own hands.

One example:

ENOUGH...We Are Drafting a QB. Here's Why.

Nov 1, 2011

There is only one logical move for the Redskins in the first round this year with our current QBs and opportunities to fill other positions via other picks, trades, or FA.

Select a QB.

I won't get into the discussions around Matt Flynn and Peyton Manning (where I said there was virtually zero chance Flynn would wind up here and Peyton Manning being little more than a smoke screen).

To me, this was never about RGIII or an evaluation of options. It was about pure self preservation and legacy preservation. Thus, the next step was clear from the beginning. The only question would be how will it play out.

To accept this fact, one had to remove their emotion and purism out of the equation to understand that options were limited to this regime. We have some of the best and most passionate fans in the NFL, so this is not an easy task, and quite frankly was asking too much. I am sure there will be many more debates in the future, but this one really wasn't as much of a debate as it appeared from the outside. There are simply some givens about human nature, marketing, and self-preservation, that forced this path.

We will now debate whether the deal was good or bad. I am not positive what side I will come down on. Only time will tell if this this is actually a great, good, or bad move. But for now, I will simply say something that I rarely say on blogs or elsewhere due to the preceding discourse...

I told you so.

No one knows everything, but I would hope that this experience provides some people with a valuable lesson and is used as a moment to reflect.

P.S. I want to give a shout out to Rodskins who has clearly been vindicated. We all appreciate your candidness and it was clearly unfair that the media attempted to sully your reputation.

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