Redskins Cannot Rely on Jammal Brown Even if Healthy

Jammal Brown started 12 games in 2011 and 14 games in 2010.

I was just reading Pro Football Focus' article on the Redskins 2012 team needs. I skipped over the QB and WR sections, but the Right Tackle grades were way worse than I thought:

Check out these numbers which show the main players who started at right tackle, their overall grade for that season and how many combined QB pressures they gave up:

2008 – Jon Jansen (-22.7) / Stephon Heyer (-5.0) – 44
2009 – Stephon Heyer (-10.5) / Mike Williams (-5.9) – 47
2010 – Jammal Brown (-18.3) / Stephon Heyer (-8.8) – 62
2011 – Jammal Brown (-18.5) / Tyler Polumbus (-11.7) – 56

While it’s highly likely Jammal Brown will return in 2012 due to his contract, it doesn’t mean the Redskins shouldn’t be looking elsewhere to upgrade the position. One possible solution could be Vernon Carey, who graded rather disappointingly -4.1 in 2011, but that was at right guard. Between 2008 and 2010, playing right tackle, Carey averaged just 27.6 QB pressures per season and had a combined grade of +39.8. Quarterbacks simply can’t produce if they are running for their lives constantly and an upgrade here is sorely needed.

To Jammal's defense, he was playing hurt most of the season, but the Tackle turns 31 this month. As it was reported months ago, the Shanahans made Jammal Brown stay in the D.C. area this off-season to monitor his health and progress. This will allow the Redskins to hit free agency and the draft knowing exactly what they have with Jammal. Last year, Vernon Carey, who also turns 31 this month, had a 1-year deal for $2.5 million.

Another option is the Tackle Mike Shanahan coached in the Senior Bowl this year.

Jeff Allen is a Tackle out of Illinois that was a team captain and is slated as a 3rd round pick. His freshman year he played Right Tackle and the last two seasons he played on the left side. This past season, Jeff Allen helped pave the way for the top rushing offense in the Big Ten and the 11th-best in the nation (246.1 ypg).

If there's one thing I know, the Redskins will not be entering the 2012 season with a new QB and Jammal Brown and Tyler Polumbus as the team's only options at RT. So, have at it, what other options do we have?

Pro Football Focus ranked the top free agent Tackles here with Jared Gaither leading the pack.

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