Browns got you downs?

I just wanted to go on a bit of a rant, because it seems like everyone fears the Browns and their apparent trade ammunition, and how it won't be possible for us to outbid them for RG3. While this might be true, I think that fear is a bit unwarranted, because I don't think the Browns are as desperate to move up for RG3 as we are, or in other words, have less motivation to move up, and therefore won't be willing to take out the big guns to outbid us.

First Motive

As of now, it doesn't seem like there is an elite prospective at #6. Part of the reason I want to move up for RG3 is because I don't yet see anyone who is really worthwhile at #6, and I do not like the idea of reaching (though I can understand it to an extent). Most of the mock drafts I'm seeing have Luck, RG3, Kalil, Blackmon, Claiborne as the top 5, without a clear #6. Obviously, a lot can change and will have to change for the Rams to consider trading with us and dropping to that #6 position. However, from the Browns position, if I were them at least, I would want the Skins to trade with the Rams. That would give me clear access to Blackmon (or Kalil, if somehow the Vikings passed him up). Blackmon is one heck of a consolation prize (or trade bait). Our consolation prize for missing on RG3 would be... ? Maybe Reiff? Would we put him at LT? Would that cause an immature TW to defiantly smoke his sorrows away and screw us over? But that's a different story altogether. The point is, I believe we have more motivation to move up than the Browns do from a consolation prize standpoint.

Second Motive

We have Rex. They have Colt. I haven't seen Colt play all that much, but I imagine Colt + Blackmon + whoever else they want to get with their second 1st rounder would be better than Rex + whoever we could get at 6. If Colt really is that bad, they could use that second 1st rounder to have their pick of any of the other QBs. If we don't trade up for RG3, we super-reach for our pick of the other QBs, or we hope for an unlikely trade back, or we risk missing the QB we want waiting until the 2nd round. So I would say that we are in a worse QB situation than the Browns are, and thus we have greater motivation in that department as well.

Third Motive

I don't really have anything solid here, but putting up just two things seemed a bit lame. I'll say that I think Shanahan has more input into who the team drafts than Pat Shurmur does. I imagine Holmgren is the decision maker for personnel in Cleveland (correct me if I'm wrong). So although both coaches could be on short leashes at this point, Shanahan has more say in making a big splash to keep himself here, whereas I don't know that Shurmur has that kind of power in Cleveland.

Anyway, the whole point is that I don't think the Browns have as much reason to try to outbid the Skins, should the Skins want to trade up with the Rams. The other side to this is that if the Skins don't feel that they have to trade up to #2, the Browns don't get Blackmon/Kalil. So the Browns have to make us think that they want RG3 enough for us to bid enough to convince the Rams to trade the pick, but that seems like another post. What do you say? Do the Browns have the motive to outbid us? Would you do it if you were in their position?

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