If you are Peyton Manning...

Would YOU choose to come to the Redskins? Seriously, I'm not bashing my team, just being absolutely realistic about the Redskins chances. I don't care what the Shanahan's want or what the fan base wants, at the end of the day...none of that matters. It's about where Peyton Manning sees himself contending for and/or winning his next Super Bowl. ESPN has a post up on the side column (see below) briefly highlights the 7 likeliest destinations for Peyton outside of Indy (The Magnificent 7):

"The Magnificent Seven"

Arizona Cardinals: Larry Fitzgerald is reportedly dining with Manning this week, there could be some recruiting going on there. ESPN NFC West blogger Mike Sando notes that the team has until March 17 to make a decision onKevin Kolb's option bonus, likely giving them time to make a decision on Manning beforehand.

Cleveland Browns. The Browns need a long-term answer at QB, but why not grab a short-term one this season and address some other concerns with two first-round picks (including No. 4 overall)? There will be other QBs to draft in 2013.

Miami Dolphins. They've been looking for a franchise QB since Dan Marino, and have yet to find him. Miami swung and missed on Jeff Fisher; will they do anything it takes to make sure that doesn't happen with Manning?

New York Jets. It's been reported thatcertain anonymous Jets players would opt for Peyton over incumbent starterMark Sanchez. Does management agree? And is Peyton interested in the media circus?

San Francisco 49ers. Alex Smith -- impressive as he was (finally?) this season -- is hitting free agency. Does San Francisco prefer a player around which they can possibly build a decent contender for the next several seasons or a player that could push them over the top in 2012?

Seattle Seahawks. The one QB-needy team that has been lurking in the shadows as of yet, the Seahawks have a nice collection of weaponry on offense, and a management team that has shown it's willing to take a calculated risk.

Washington Redskins. As with the Browns, the Redskins are in need of a long-term franchise QB, but might settle for a short-term answer that would instantly make them contenders for the NFC East crown. A rumor back on Jan. 13linked both Peyton and long-time teammate Jeff Saturday to Washington, and that could be a selling point for the QB.

My Thoughts:

  1. I don't see Peyton wanting to play in the same division as his brother, and possibly not even the same conference.
  2. Peyton's decision will not be about money and I believe that is the only way Peyton becomes a Redskin
  3. A top WR would be a huge bonus and the Redskins receiving corp does not have one (Hank maybe, but not yet)
  4. I believe San Fran would be at the top of the list because their defense and running game are elite. Davis is a Stud. Crabtree is more talented than the entire colts receiving corp (with the exception of Wayne who could join via free agency) and could explode with Manning under center. The Niner's also have a projected $46 million in cap space for next year plus their full complement of draft picks.
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