Robert Griffin III Runs a 4.38 at the Combine

Feb 24, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Baylor Bears quarterback Robert Griffin III speaks at a press conference during the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The Quarterbacks just finished running their 40 yard dashes, and Robert Griffin ran an impressive 4.38 after first posting a 4.41. On my interview post with Baylor RB, Terrance Ganaway, Ganaway mentioned the biggest part of his Senior Bowl experience was "Terminology. We call one play with one word and everyone knows what to do." I noticed several people comment that could be a red flag given it's a simple offense. Griffin answered these questions in his media interview:

I'd like to sit down with ‘em and show ‘em how simple it is. It's not a simple offense. It's a good offense. It's a really great offense and it's a quarterback-friendly offense. Simple would not be the word to describe it.

That something you're looking forward to in interviews when they ask you to draw up plays?

Yes, sir, because different concepts, people understand them differently. In the NFL they're run a little bit different. We ran a numbers-based and a concept system in college. I like getting on that board or showing them or watching the film with them so they can kind of understand what we're going through as an offense.

How will you fit into a West Coast offense?

West Coast offenses with Washington and Cleveland, highly concept-based, long verbiage in the plays. But other than that, once you get into a system it's easy to learn it. I'm not saying I'm going to open the playbook and know it immediately. Once you can get on the field and start going through the routes and the protections that you're going to have to run in those types of offenses, it comes to you a lot sooner.

In meetings with teams, what you have to convince them?

That our offense isn't simple, it's not the traditional spread where we're in shotgun all the time, although we are in shotgun a lot. So is Tom Brady and Eli Manning in the Super Bowl, but that's beside the point. Just that it's not a simple offense. I'm not going to try to make it seem difficult. But I'll explain it to them, whether it's protections, progressions and what I'm doing out there it's not as simple as everybody makes it seem.

Do you tthink you have to change your running game because of the size of defenders in the NFL to have durability?

I'm a quarterback so I've just got to throw the ball. The running is extra.

Is it going to be a big adjustment to go through multiple progressions in your offense?

No, it wouldn't. We usually had at least three options in our offense with a checkdown. Then the fourth or fifth option would be for me to make something happen. Sometimes it happens that way in games for quarterbacks. So it wouldn't be a huge leap. Plus I ran a pro-style offense in high school. Not that this is high school football, just sayin'.

Well, alrighty then. Here's video of the run:

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