2012 Redskin Draft Scenario

There have been a few mock drafts here on HH recently so I thought I would throw my own together. I tried to keep it realistic so I used CBS Sports rankings as my Big Board & pretty much stayed within where they projected players to go. I included scouting reports & my own reasoning for each pick. In the 1st Round I have us trading down with Cincinnati. We give up our 1st & 2nd for both of their 1st round & their 2nd round picks. According to the Draft Value Chart our two picks would have a value of 2110 points & their three picks would have a value of 2120 points. I think it would make sense for both sides as the Bengals would end up with an elite player, Trent Richardson, to improve their offense & we would gain an extra 1st round pick (sorry RGIII fans, I also like him & would give up an awful lot to get him but I think that he will be a Brown next year). I used CBS Sports rankings & analysis because they are usually the most up to date & I like Rob Rang as an analyst & evaluator

I didn't take a QB in this years draft until round seven even tho I know that it is by far our biggest need. I am one of the firmest "trade up" to get a QB on this site but I don't think that we have a shot at Luck or Griffin & I don't see any of the remaining QBs, other than maybe Tannehill, to be a long term franchise type QB

The short version is

1A - David DeCastro G Stanford

!B - Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers

2 - Ben Jones C Georgia

3 - Travis Lewis ILB Oklahoma

4A - Juron Criner WR Arizona

4B - Brandon Mosley RT Auburn

5 - Josh Robinson CB UCF

7 - Russell Wilson QB Wisconsin

The number in parenthesis is the over all pick & the second number is the round

(17) 1- David DeCastro G Stanford Rated #9 on CBS Sports Draft Rankings

Pass blocking: Doesn't get beat. Has enough of an anchor and resets hands to get leverage if beaten initially. Keeps feet churning and his head up. Capable of blocking down with one hand and sliding to help tackle. Very aware of late blitzers, can stonewall them or ride them out of the pocket. Usually keeps arms extended in pass pro to maintain distance with his man. Loses the hand-to-hand battle occasionally but works to quickly counter.

Run blocking: Excels as a run blocker in power, zone and on the move. Plays with his eyes up. Takes defenders to the ground and doesn't let up. Rarely allows defenders to sidestep. Not dominant as a drive blocker but grinds to the whistle. Defensive tackles with elite power can anchor or move him off the snap.

Pulling/trapping: Dominant leading on pulls outside and traps inside. Reaches second level instantly, has natural bend and flexibility to get correct angle. Does not always dominate smaller defenders after initial contact, falling off instead of latching on, but can take out multiple targets when he squares. Will miss inside target on occasion, giving max effort to cut or reach the linebacker.

Initial Quickness: Very good off the snap. Gets hands up immediately, rarely beaten with an initial pass-rush move. Swims to reach second-level defenders. Generates push in goal-line situations, firing off hard and low.

Down field: Has enough -- but not great -- speed. Very effective negating targets seven or eight yards down field. Inconsistent sustaining blocks against powerful linebackers and defensive backs, lowering his head to easily be disengaged.

Intangibles: Solid work ethic and character. Known for his work on the practice field and weight room. Durable; could play every snap in any scheme. Chose Stanford for its academic standards.

My take on him is that he will be a Pro-Bowl type player for the next decade at a position of one of our biggest needs with all of the intangibles that the Shanahans value in a prospect.

(21) 1 - Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers Rated # 36 on CBS Sports Draft Rankings

Release: Too big and strong for most defenders at this level to test him in press coverage. Good hand placement and upper body strength to fight off the jam when he gets it and is a threat to beat the defender over the top due to good acceleration and better straight-line speed than he's often credited with possessing. Eats up the cushion, showing better agility and precision as a route-runner than most receivers with his bulk.

Hands: Sanu has several outstanding qualities but none more impressive than his natural receiving skills. Possesses very reliable hands and a wide catch radius due to his long arms, impressive flexibility, and hand-eye coordination. Extends and plucks the ball away from his frame when he senses the defender near. Quickly secures the ball and carries it tight to his frame. Very good jump-ball candidate due to strong leaping skills, long arms and timing.

Route running: Quick burst off the line of scrimmage perhaps masking a lack of elite straight-line speed. Has enough speed to challenge vertically. Throttles down quickly, sinks his hips and has good burst left and right to generate separation on underneath routes. Used from a variety of positions, lining up inside in the slot, outside and put in motion. Courageous over the middle, often pulling away on drag routes and quick posts.

After the catch: Exciting blend of size, strength and speed once the ball is in his hands. Strong receiver capable of ripping free of arm tackles and shucking off defenders with a stiff-arm. Lacks elite lateral agility to make defenders miss in tight quarters, but has good flexibility, balance and vision to weave through the defense. Rushed for 653 yards and nine touchdowns over his career and isn't opposed to cutting back inside amidst the big bodies if he sees a lane. Some question about his true timed speed but has an explosive burst to accelerate through gaps and separate.

Blocking: Takes his role as a blocker seriously. Shows good strength and very good effort blocking downfield, locking up the corner and working to seal his opponent from the action. Often sent in motion so he can provide a crack back block on an unsuspecting defensive end and looks to peel back and knock out the trailing defender when a teammate has a chance for a big play.

Intangibles: A selfless player who head coach Greg Schiano raved about when Sanu announced that he was leaving early. ?He?s meant a ton to this program,? Schiano said. ?He?s the guy who does everything. He?ll be very hard to replace. I don?t know if you ever replace him. You?ll just have to have a few guys do his thing.? Played all three years he was at Rutgers but will turn 23 early in his rookie season due to the fact that he turned 19 a week before his senior season of high school football began and he was ruled ineligible …

My take on him is that he could be our #1 WR, he is a player that I like a lot & I think he has as much upside as any WR in this draft, & has great hands. He is everything that that Shanahans like in a player as far as intangibles & is extremely talented

(53) 2 - Ben Jones C Georgia Rated # 65 on CBS Sports Draft Rankings

Pass blocking: Good initial quickness and recognition. Makes the line calls here. Impressive anchor. Absorbs some big punches against quicker, powerful DTs/NGs and after a short step back is able to hold his ground well. Good lateral agility to slide and mirror. Looks for someone to hit when not covered up. Could gain more explosiveness in his initial punch or when helping others.

Run blocking: Good initial quickness off the snap to turn and seal off the defender. Possesses good size and strength for the drive block, as well, but comes out lunging, at times, and doesn't have the balance to correct himself and recover. A bit inconsistent with his hand placement, as well, getting too low and leaving himself vulnerable to effective swim moves.

Pulling/trapping: Not asked to pull from this scheme, but shows good initial quickness and recognition as a trap blocker. Allows the defender to sneak in and then shows good power to turn, seal off and often pancake his opponent.

Initial Quickness: Arguably his best trait. Possesses very good initial quickness in handling snap responsibilities (adept at shotgun, regular) while getting his hands up to handle the middle. Efficiently gets to the second level.

Down field: Though quick to the second level, Jones has only average lateral agility and balance, overall. He struggles a bit re-directing against moving targets and too often gets his hands outside of the pads (though he's rarely called for holding). Good effort down field and when he is squared up on his target, he demonstrates some nastiness, resulting in some impressive pancake blocks.

Intangibles: Enters senior campaign with 35 career starts -- all of them at center. Was named to Georgia's Team of the Decade. Has been recognized throughout his career for leadership and toughness, including earning the offense's True Grit award at the conclusion of 2011 spring practice. Graduated early from high school to enroll at Georgia in January, 2008.

My take on him is that he is an excellent fit in a ZBS, has all of the intangibles that the Shanahans like in a prospect including team captain & fills one of our biggest needs on the offensive line.

(68) 3 - Travis Lewis ILB Oklahoma Rated # 68 on CBS Sports Draft Rankings

Read & React: Combines very good instincts with above-average reaction skills. Almost always finds the ball in traffic. Greet feel in coverage, sees quarterback and receiver, jumps routes to prevent completion, or at least stop yards after the catch. One-man wrecking crew against screens because he sniffs them out and has the quickness to grab the receiver.

Run defense: Tougher between the tackles than many expect. Gap-shooter that grabs backs before they get through the line, also willing to throw his body into the hole to create piles and stands up to blocks to stay in the play. Feels pulling lineman coming, capable of punching to stay clean or take the outside shoulder to keep runners from bouncing to the sideline. Lacks strength to blow up fullbacks and bulk/length to prevent getting engulfed by better lineman at the second level.

Pass defense: Fluid and quick drop into zone, covers enough ground to be Tampa-Two mike and knows where the markers are. Often arrives at the receiver at the same time as the ball, gives up few yards after the catch. Possesses straight-line speed stay with or chase down receivers in man. Creates turnovers with quick reaction time to bring in tipped balls, closes on balls over the middle or baits quarterbacks intro throwing his directions if they do not seeing his deep drop. Loses size battle to many tight ends, easily pushed away on out routes. Caught looking into backfield occasionally instead of getting to receiver in the flat. Tries to cradle throws at times instead of snatching them, resulting in dropped interceptions.

Tackling: As secure and reliable a tackler as you'll see in college football. Not necessarily explosive, but more physical than a chase-and-drag linebacker. Breaks down well in space, corrals elusive ballcarriers on the edge or inside by wrapping torso and holding on. Gets leverage inside to stop piles from moving forward. Leaves his feet at times, NFL backs will take advantage.

Pass Rush/Blitz: Works more in space than attacking the backfield, but flashes closing speed and agility to reach passers from the blind side or up the middle before they can escape. Knocks down some quarterbacks with just a glancing blow. Takes advantage of large holes to get to the quarterback, but must work on using violent hands to rip off lineman and defeat cut blocks from running backs. Also needs to build a variety of pass rush moves.

Intangibles: Team captain who leads the team on and off the field with words and by example. Four-year starter for one of the top programs in the country. No known character or off-field issues.

My take on him is that even tho he is projected to be an OLBer in a 4-3 he would also be an excellent ILBer in a 3-4. He is an extremely talented & respected prospect but has has some serious injury concerns. All of the intangibles that the Shanahans like in a player including team captain.

(102) 4 - Juron Criner WR Arizona Rated # 74 on CBS Sports Draft Rankings

Release: Rarely challenged in press coverage due to scheme. Good build-up speed, but isn't explosive off the snap. Good lateral agility and strength to get into his routes.

Hands: Among his better traits. Possesses soft hands to pluck the ball outside of his frame. Good concentration to make the catch in traffic or when he feels a big hit coming. Tracks the ball well over his shoulder (Toledo) and demonstrates very good body control to adjust. Doesn't often enough use his size and vertical to his advantage and shows only average timing on jump balls, overall.

Route running: Typically lines up outside, but will be in the slot at times to use his physicality to move the chains. Not asked to run a variety of routes in this spread offense. Makes his hay using his size and physicality to gain an inside release on slants and crossers, as well as various screens. At least adequate build-up speed for the deep ball. Doesn't show a great deal of explosiveness out of his breaks.

After the catch: Good size, strength and physicality when running after the catch. Has deceptive speed, as he's a long-strider, but has only average balance and agility to elude. Good vision and will use his blockers effectively. Will lower his shoulder and attempt to run through arm-tackles.

Blocking: Good size and strength. Looks to help out his teammates, but is inconsistent in this area, overall. Gives a good initial shove, but too often doesn't stick with his assignment to complete the block.

Intangibles: Threw a scare into the Arizona program when he was hospitalized after undergoing neurological testing during the off-season. Though head coach Mike Stoops told the media that he expects his star senior to "be the same player -- or a better player -- than he was a year ago," scouts will certainly investigate the incident. Practiced as a punt returner in the spring of 2011 but never fielded a punt for the Wildcats as a senior.

My take on him is that he is an excellent receiver & one of my favorite players in the draft. I have him dropping to us in the 4th for two reasons, the 1st is there are so many talented WRs in this draft that positionally he is ranked 9th & secondly that there are legitimate health concerns. IMO tho he could line up in the slot & be the type of player who continually moves the chains.

(109) 4 - Brandon Mosley RT Auburn Rated # 100 on CBS Sports Draft Rankings

Pass blocking: Eases out of his stance to "catch" the pass rusher as he attacks the line of scrimmage. Plays with good knee bend and above average lateral agility to remain square to the pass rusher. Gets a good initial punch on the defender to dictate the action and has the long, strong arms to control his opponent. Typically plays with good hand placement, though he did get himself in trouble, at times, when his hands got too low, leading to some trouble with swim moves. Cognizant blocker who reacted well (despite his limited experience) to stunts and unexpected blitzes. Seems to enjoy the physical nature of the position and looks to help his teammates when teams dropped their defensive ends in an attempt to confuse the quarterback.

Run blocking: Gains a good push off the snap due to leverage and surprising leg drive. Quick enough to turn and seal off defenders to create an edge. A bit inconsistent with his hand placement when run blocking, as well, leading to some slipped blocks. Highly competitive blocker who has some nastiness to him. Doesn't back down from a physical challenge.

Pulling/trapping: Above average quickness and mobility when blocking on the move. Effectively sells the trap block, allowing defenders past him, before turning and sealing them off from the ball-carrier. Not asked to pull, but occasionally released to block at the second level, showing the ability to hit the moving target.

Initial Quickness: Good initial quickness off the snap when easing into pass protection, as well as when run blocking. Quickly gained the advantage over his assignment, dictating the action.

Downfield: Surprisingly fluid getting to and adjusting once at the second level. Was consistently able to get to quality linebackers and seal them off from the ball-carrier. Flashes some nastiness, as he'll pancake his opponent if he felt them off-balance, but more often he remained in front of the defender, effectively finishing the block.

Intangibles: Earned all-conference honors at Coffeyville as a tight end in 2009 despite only playing half the season at the position. Caught 12 passes for 229 yards and two touchdowns after making the position switch from defensive end where he recorded 35 tackles, including four tackles for loss and 1.5 sacks. Earned significantly more attention from top teams as a JUCO prospect and turned down interest from Florida State and Ole Miss to sign with Auburn … Teammates and coaches at Auburn raved about his preparation and work ethic as he won the starting right tackle job in his first year in the program …

My take on him is that he would be a natural in a ZBS & has all of the intangibles that the Shanahans value in a draft prospect. To be honest tho, even if he is ranked at 100 by CBS Sports he most likely will be long gone by the this pick.

(133) 6 - Josh Robinson CB UCF Rated # 139 on CBS Sports Draft Rankings

POSITIVES: Possesses legitimate NFL cover skills. Has a quick, low backpedal with a fluid hip turn to cover receivers down the field. Has at least adequate straight-line speed and good balance, fluidity to change directions. Alert defender for zone coverage, showing good understanding of route progressions occurring behind him and a quick burst downhill to break on underneath passes in front of him. Very good hand-eye coordination and timing to knock passes away as the receiver attempts to secure the catch. Highly competitive. Raised his level of play against top competition. Emerged as a standout punt returner in 2010, earning honorable mention accolades by averaging 15.2 yards per return (ninth in the country) as a sophomore, though he did not return a punt for score over his career. Played in all 38 games of his UCF career and has had no known injuries.

NEGATIVES: Possesses only average height for the position. A bit high in his backpedal. Too often allows a free release to the receiver when in man-press coverage. Gets his hands on a lot of football but needs to do a better job of turning interception opportunities into actual interceptions, recording 10 despite breaking up 36 passes over his career. Struggled with fumbles as a punt returner, raising concerns about his ability to contribute in this role at the NFL level.

My take on him is that he is a talented CB who is flying under the radar because of his size & school. Last year he limited AJ Green to 75 yards in the Liberty Bowl & has consistently played well against tough competition. He also goes to the same college as my daughter in case anyone was wondering...haha

(197) 7 - Russell Wilson QB Wisconsin Rated # 188 on CBS Sports Draft Rankings

Accuracy: Was the nation's most efficient quarterback in 2011, earning a 191.78 QB rating -- over 22 points higher than the next highest rated QB from a pro-style offense (Andrew Luck) … Showcased the ability to consistently throw receivers open versus single coverage as a senior, demonstrating impressive improvement in this area from his time at NC State … Delivers a tight spiral that is easily tracked and caught. Typically hits his receivers in stride whether on zipped crossing routes, touch passes dropped over the top of defenders or line drives leading receivers out of bounds on the deep out.

Arm Strength: Arguably Wilson's most impressive trait, especially considering his lack of ideal size. Can easily make every NFL throw, showing the ability to drive the football to the sideline on a line from the opposite hash. Can send the ball 40-50 yards downfield with a flick of his wrist.

Setup/Release: Efficient set-up and delivery of the ball. Experienced taking snaps from under center and shotgun. Drops back quickly and shows good rhythm and timing despite limited experience playing with Wisconsin's receivers, planting his back foot and driving the quick slant. Has a quick, over the top release and does an excellent job of finding clear passing lanes from which to throw.

Reading Defenses: Cerebral quarterback who is rarely fooled by coverage. Makes strong pre-snap reads and demonstrated improvement as a senior in manipulating the defense with his eyes and legs. Shows good poise in a muddy pocket, stepping up to avoid the rush and challenging linebackers to either commit to stopping him from scrambling or dropping off to cover receivers behind them. Is more than willing to scramble but does a nice job of keeping his eyes downfield until the last possible second.

On The Move: Very good elusiveness and speed for the position but his most impressive trait may be his vision. Anticipates pressure well and does a nice job of forcing the defense to commit and taking advantage of the weakness exposed once they do. Very good mobility for bootlegs and roll outs, showing good accuracy and arm strength to fire passes downfield.

Intangibles: Voted a team captain at NC State and Wisconsin … Attempted 379 passes between interceptions -- the longest streak in NCAA history -- over a two year span of 13 games in 2009-10. Finished his collegiate career 30-20, including 11-3 as a senior … Wilson was drafted in the fourth round of the 2009 MLB draft by the Colorado Rockies. The second baseman hit .229 with five home runs and 26 RBIs in the Northwest and South Atlantic leagues. Wilson notified the Rockies in January 2012 that he will pursue playing in the NFL over baseball … Good bloodlines. His father, the late Harrison Wilson III, played football and baseball at Dartmouth and spent time on the San Diego Chargers' practice squad …

My take on him is that he will never be a starter in the NFL but he would be a good #2 QB. I also think that he could be a good situational type QB who was brought in to run the Wildcat. He is smart & very accurate with a cannon for an arm but I don't think he can ever overcome his ht. to become an effective starter in the NFL. If Wilson is gone by this pick then substitute Moore or Keenum who are also QBs with some talent but limited to career back up duties. Wilson is also a team captain & has all of the intangibles that the Shanahans like in their prospects.

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