Combine Interviews: Ben Jones Sure Seems Like a Good Fit for Redskins

Although Ben Jones did not have the best week at the Senior Bowl, the projected 2nd round Center from Georgia shared a lot of good insight from his media interview yesterday. A key note here is that he was Georgia's overall team Captain and was coached by Mike Shanahan at the Senior Bowl.

On playing multiple positions:

"I can play guard. I played it at the Senior Bowl. I didn't play center until I got to college. All high school, I played guard. So I can play it at any time."

On his size...

"I think I'm pretty normal size for a center. I'm 6-2 ½, 305. I have lower body strength and the game of
football is about leverage, getting under guys and standing them up. I've played against a lot of different defenses. We play a 3-4 so I'm going against 360-pound guys every day. In the SEC, you see a lot of over and under fronts. I've seen all different kinds of fronts and I'm able to adjust to either one."

On which NFL Center he emulates..

"There are a lot of great centers in the NFL. ...I'd say Jeff Saturday. He's a little under 6-2, 6-1, very
intelligent, can get the job done and has played for a while. I think I can come in and play hopefully for a long time."

On spread offenses...

"That's what we changed this year. We went to a no-huddle offense. We were a pro-style team but we did it as a no-huddle to speed the game up and we had a lot of weapons on the outside at receiver. So I'm used to going80-90 snaps a game so I can definitely do that."

On his strengths and weaknesses...

"I'd say one of my strengths, I'm definitely a leader on our team. I can come out and get everybody on the same page on the offensive line and the offense. We have one goal, to go out and win, and I think I'm very good at doing that.One of my weaknesses is just getting to the second level faster, getting out there on the ‘backers a little quicker."

Surely, the Redskins can't expect Kory Lichtensteiger to be inked in a starter at Guard. Ben Jones could bring a lot of value in the 2nd round at Center and push Monty back to a competing Guard spot.

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