The Official DCSporstFan28 Free Agency Predictions

Significant Resignings:

Franchise- Fred Davis, TE: I've already bought into the rumors, but I like the move anyway. Bring him back on a low risk contract. His health is not an issue, so you know he will play at an elite level this season. If he keeps his nose clean, he gets a monster deal in '13. He has every incentive to ball outrageous if he is franchised.

1- London Fletcher, ILB: No brainer. Let him retire a Redskin. He is still the best player on our defense so it makes no sense to let him go.

2- Adam Carriker, DE: Hard working, core Redskin guy. I think they really love him in DC and everyone should want to have him back in front 3 rotation. He probably won't be as expensive as some people are thinking giving the market at DE.

3- Kory Lichtensteiger, G/C: Coming off an ACL, which makes me nervous, but he could be retained for less than 1 million in 2012 because he is an RFA. I think we add alot of depth on the OL anyway, so Kory will likely just provide depth at a value contract (even for a backup) while he rehabs his injury and proves he can play at his pre-injury level.

4- Will Montgomery, C: If the price is right bring him back. He can compete for the starting center job and back up all three positions on the interior.

Significant Release/Non-tender:

1- Laron Landry, S: Too risky with the injury. Need to rebuild the entire secondary anyway, which will be a major focus this offseason. Saves about 6 million.

2- Jamaal Brown, RT: See above. Replace 'secondary' with 'offensive line' and '6' with '5'

3- Phillip Buchanon: We are probably done with him. Saves 1-2 million.

4- DeAngelo Hall: Wouldn't be surprised to see him return, but if we address the secondary in free agency and the draft, he will likely be a release candidate approaching the preseason. Saves about 6 million.

5- Brandon Banks: Not as effective a returner this year and he is tying up a valuable roster spot at WR.

6- OJ Atogwe: Viewed as an injury risk as well. We cannot afford to tie up 2 roster spots between Landry and Atogwe this season if they are going to be licking their wounds the whole time. Wouldn't be shocked if one of the 2 stays, but would be shocked if both stay. Saves about 4 million.

Significant Signings:

1- Brandon Carr, CB, Kansas City: This will be one of the three big signings we make in free agency. He isn't the clear cut #1 available corner on the market, but he is the best fit for us and at the same time we can't be accused of going crazy like in the past. He fills the void left by Hall. He will get a big deal, but it will basically be a carbon copy of what Hall has left on his (a little lengthier for Carr, which is fine), so it is pretty much a wash capwise

2- Ben Grubbs, G, Baltimore: Left guard and right tackle are the positions we need to upgrade most and given the free agent market at this position, Grubbs is the best fit. I know a lot of people will say we won't throw a big contract at a guard, but we tried to last year with Marshall Yanda. When we couldn't get Yanda, we settled for Chester. So it looks like we are mining that offensive line in Baltimore because they run some similar stuff. Besides, with the salary floor in place and the amount of cap room we have, we actually need to give out a big contract. Makes sense to give it to Grubbs. I projected Chris Meyers as our major OL addition before, but truthfully LG is a way bigger need.

3- Paul Soliai, NT, Miami: He will hit the market as Miami switches to a 3-4. His price tag may seem high right now, but there aren't that many 3-4 teams anymore and much less in the market for a NT. My guess is that he won't have that many options and Washington will end up matching an offer from the one or two other teams interested. He splits time with Cofield at NT and Cofield switches to end when he is end. He is a staple against the run. Schematically it works out beautifully.

4- Kyle Orton, QB, Kansas City: The wouldn't be shocked if the anti-Flynn news is just a smokescreen or a tactic to drive down his cost. Where is the resentment coming from anyway? Shanahan and Allen have been tight lipped, so I don't get where that is coming from. However, if the rumors are true, that pretty much leaves us with Orton. I am personally anti-Peyton, so that leave us with Orton as the only QB on the market that represents a true upgrade over Grossman, so I guess we take it.

5- Eddie Royal, WR, Denver: A quiet signing. Wouldn't be surprised if he is the first new guy brought in. He is a Shanhan guy and a true upgrade over Banks. Kind of a no brainer.

6- Sean Jones, S, Tampa Bay: Could start at SS and has ties to Raheem Morris. By no means a gamebreaker, and the safety position will need a lot more work in the coming years, but he makes sense as a stopgap guy. It is probably the least pressing of all the major holes we have, so pushing this one back a year before QB, WR, OL and CB is fine by me.

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