The Official DCSportsFan28 Mock Draft

Round 1 (#6) - Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State: I'm going to state the obvious here by saying that this pick is near impossible to predict based on all the trade up and trade down scenarios bouncing around the Shanahan braintrust right now, but if the elite WR of the 2012 draft class is available, why not take him. The only other players that fill a need at #6 would be Tannehill, Claiborne and Reiff. I'll be happy with any of them, but Blackmon is the most exciting pick here. If he or Hankerson has a great 2012 our WR corps look very respectable. If they both look good, our group of WRs would approach elite status.

Round 2 (#39) - TRADE. I hate projecting trades in mock drafts, but I feel that there is definitely going to be one somewhere. My favorite scenario has us acquiring both of Chicago's 3rd rounders (73 and 80) for the #39 overall pick.

Round 3 (#70) - Brandon Weeden, QB, Oklahoma State: Looks like he has all the tools the run Shanahan's offense. Sure he is a bit of a gamble considering his age and his true NFL potential, but the risk is necessary here. He could come in a start right away, especially given the established chemistry between him and our #1 pick Blackmon. I don't think we are doing this on purpose (pairing the 2 OSU guys), it just works out that way.

Round 3 (#73) - Bobby Massie, OT, Ole Miss: Right tackle is very thin in free agent and is probably our 2nd our 3rd biggest need. This means we will probably burn an early pick to get one in the draft. Massie is big and agile, so he could beast in the ZBS. I don't think the hype machine has got a hold of him yet, because he is an junior, but you could be hearing a lot more about him after the combine.

Round 3 (#80) - Ben Jones, C, Georgia: A WR, QB, RT and C taken with the first 4 picks. That is how you rebuild the worst offense in the NFL. You might say Jones is not the best fit because he is more of a mauler than somewhat like Michael Brewster form Ohio State. But Shanahan has drafted big boys to play center before (see Kory Lichtensteiger, who appeared even larger coming into the NFL than he does now). All that means to me is that Jones will be able to play within the scheme as well as maul people when he gets to 2nd level and has a chance to really whoop some butt in the open field.

Round 4 (#102) - Nigel Bradham, ILB, FSU: Finally a defensive pick. We need to start thinking about the future in these later rounds and finding a successor to London Fletcher is a no-brainer. Bradham is probably the best rated ILB on the board at this point and with his muscular frame and speed, he projects to be at least a strong run stuffer, even if he never develops true NFL cover skills.

Round 4 (#109) - Winston Guy Jr., S, Kentucky: I like him and his LSU counterpart, Brandon Taylor, at this spot. I think Guy projects with a little better cover skills and possible a higher ceiling as well. He is probably the highest rated of the two at this point and if Taylor slips to round five I might even be tempted to take both of them considering our issues at safety. Either one could start.

Round 5 (#133) - Josh Norman, CB, Coastal Carolina: This is a steal here. He seems to have some attitude problems that may keep Shanahan and Allen from taking him here, but if he ends up dropping this far, even the most character driven front office could might on Norman. Probably will be the last corner off the board the has flashed the potential to possess elite cover skills in the NFL. He could certainly step in and be an upgrade at nickel over the Barnes/Buchanan fiasco we have now.

Round 7 (#196) - Case Keenum, QB, Houston: Camp fodder, long term project, Colt Brennan Jr. What ever you want to call him, there is not much of a risk here, so we might as well burn it on a quarterback. Hell, Shanahan could end up really liking him.

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