The Real Pre-Combine Redskins Mock Draft

It is practically all about the offense this year. We, the fans, are all sick of Rex Grossman and the lack of weapons. We have a good defense and some defensive backs will solidify that, so fix that offense and get to the playoffs once again

Sign- CB Brandon Carr to a 4-year contract
WR Vincent Jackson to a 1-year contract; franchise him next year for a 1st round draft pick if he has a good year.
SS Tyvon Branch to a 1-year contract; will be available if LaRon Landry gets hurt again.


1st/2nd: Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor
-Give Up 6th pick, 70th pick, and 1st round pick next year. JACKPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd/39th: Trade
-Give Up 39th pick and 109th pick New England's 48th and 63rd picks. The trade is with New England because they have 2 2nd round picks and they may be able to land a quality wide receiver opposite Wes Welker with an earlier pick. Bruce Allen should be able to make this happen.

2nd/48th: Brandon Boykin, CB, Georgia
-Brandon Boykin impressed at the Senior Bowl. He was quick, fast, had nice size, and was physical throughout the week. He reminds me of Deangelo Hall with extras. Not to mention, Boykin also has kick return ability so Banks can do what he does best, punt return.

2nd/63rd: Trade
-Give Up 63rd and 159th overall pick for Chicago's 74th, 80th and 111th overall pick. Chicago would love another 2nd round pick, because they need some help on defense, assuming that they get a 1st round wide receiver. And even though it is the last pick in the 2nd round they will take to land a solid player. Then once we give them a 5 round pick as well that will seal the deal for that extra 4th round pick.

3rd/74th: Bobby Massie, OT, Ole Miss
- RT Bobby Massie is a bigger need than most people think. Jammal Brown cannot stay healthy, and Mike Shanahan already announced that Jammal Brown will not come back next year if he is not, indeed, "100% healthy" therefore we should definitely draft a RT like Bobby. He has also shown true skill at Ole Miss. He has quick feet for lateral movement, the strength to open up lanes in the running game, and he will be able to help solidify the OL for RG3. Bobby Massie will most likely be an immediate starter opposite Trent Williams here in Washington.

3rd/80th: Trade
-Give up 80th overall pick for Cleveland's 100th, 118th, and 164th overall picks. A mid 3rd round draft pick is worth all of the late round picks. Cleveland will definitely accept, because of the division they are in. 2 solid 3rd round picks can solidify whatever position they need. This trade will allow us to have plenty of late round picks.

4th/100th: Trade
-Give up 100th for Buffalo's 105th and 124th. More...late round picks?! Everyone in the league knows Mike Shanahan loves them. He always finds that diamond in the rough like Roy Helu and Evan Royster from last year. This allows us to get some of the things we need that we have not yet gotten in the draft, like a wide receiver.

4th/102nd: James Michael-Johnson, MLB, Nevada
-We need depth at MLB. James Michael-Jonson will be able to learn from London Fletcher for a few years and potentially become a starter like Perry Riley. If he does not pan out though, the Washington Redskins did not put that much stock into him anyway.

4th/105th: Michael Egnew, TE, Missouri
-With a good QB this TE looks like Jermichael Finley! He produces great numbers in the receiving game. Michael Egnew is 6 feet 5 inches, 250 lbs, had 90 receptions, 762 yards, and 5 touchdowns in 2010. He cannot block in the running game, hence being a late round draft pick; however, he may be able to challenge Fred Davis for our receiving tight-end spot.

4th/111th: Jarius Wright, WR, Arkansas
-Jarius Wright is a sudden speedster. He may not look like it but he does beat people deep. He also is more of a receiver than Joe Adams who is a true speedster. He catches with his hands, makes fast cuts, and will be able to cause separation in the slot against nickel corners and linebackers.

4th/118th: Gerell Robinson, WR, Arizona State
-Here is the second wide receiver drafted by the Washington Redskins. He showed that he could be a great possession wide receiver based on his performance at the Senior Bowl. And, from an unnamed source, the Redskins seem to be intrigued by the one-year wonder. He has speed, hands, and is very tall. Gerell Robinson reminds me of a young Plaxico Burress who could produce on 3rd down conversions, in red zone situations, and YAC.
4th/124th: Tramain Thomas, FS, Arkansas
-Tramain Thomas was a good FS at Arkansas. He had 5 interceptions and over 80 tackles. He is a little inconsistent, but he will develop by time Atogwe is gone and his contract has expired.

6th/164th: Miles Burris, LB, San Diego State
-Miles Burris is a QB hunter, and is always around the ball. He will be able to compete with Michael-Johnson for the back-up middle linebacker position because he has the speed to fly around the field and make plays. Miles will also compete for 3-4 DE here when Stephen Bowen's contract expires even though he is a 4-3 DE; which brings me to my next statement. He can perform on the edge of the 3-4 as a back-up OLB in the 3-4. He will also get playing time on those plays when it is a n all out blitz or an obvious run play situation.

7th/196th: Case Keenum, QB, Houston
-Case Keenum is a really good QB, but QBs from Houston seem to not do well in the NFL. He is intelligent, has a quick release, and amazing footwork. He has been under the radar all year and will possibly fall this far. Case Keenum will be outstanding on the field in case RG3 is a bust or injured, who is such a mobile QB.

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