A Fan's Fanpost

I think the Redskinsshould trade up for...No, I'm just fucking with you, that's really worn out. These little gems of genius are called Fanposts for a reason. It allows fans to put our thoughts out there for the world to see.

Today, I'm not going to pretend like I'm Bruce Allen, detailing my mock draft and then call everyone retarded for disagreeing with me and rec'ing everyone who agrees with me.

No, that's been done 4,633 times already. It's time for something different.

As a fan, this past season may have been the worst I've ever been through. It was like that episode of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" when Will tricks Jeffrey into thinking he won the lottery, only to show him it was a videotape of a previous winning number.

Week one, we faced the New York Giants. The team that routinely gives the Redskins a bi-yearly beating was staring us in the face. The game starts with Eli Manning rushing for a touchdown. HOLY SHIT! If Eli Manning is rushing for a touchdown, this will be a long day. BUT NO! The Redskins came out fighting and responded with furious intentions. Ryan Kerrigantipped, caught and ran in for a touchdown in his first game. Oh my God, Lawrence Taylor, Dick Butkus and London Fletcher just gang-banged a figure skater and number 91 is the spawn.

But Ponyboy couldn't stay golden forever. Rex Grossman inevitably became the worst quarterback in football, and I was a fool for thinking he would be anything else. But when it comes to the Redskins I don't think with my head, I cheer with my heart.

The life was sucked out of Redskins Nation in 2011. As fans we cheered as hard as possible, until there was nothing left. We were Roberto Duran, sitting in the corner saying, "No Mas," as Fireman Ed was lifted in the air to chants of "J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!," in our own backyard. We had no more punches to throw. The towel was in the ring and we could only head home, hoping to heal our wounds. Would we even decide to fight again, or was the beating of 2011 enough to put us in retirement?

I will always yell from my corner at the Redskins. I will scream at them to fight, run harder, reach for that first down and make that tackle. In 2011 we were simply out matched by greater fighters. Sometimes Buster Douglas beats Mike Tyson and sometimes the Redskins beat the Giants. But what's clear is that we need a younger, stronger, faster fighter in 2012 because as fans we only have so many beatings we can take.

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