Taking Stock of the Skins

off season should bring about feelings of optimism, and this year is no different. the skins had a few players that missed time with injuries, and hopefully these will be available. Also have to hope that Trent Williams and Fred Davis just say no.

the talent pool was low when Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan came to town, they also switched defensive schemes. I can understand the first year results. Is everyone comfortable with the status of the Skins?

People point to the lack of talent at QB, and that certainly is a concern. Bringing in Peyton, Drew Brees, Joe Montana in his prime wouldn't establish my Redskins as a perennial playoff contender. The Skins are still light on talent--name play makers they have? Orakbo maybe, Fred Davis?

I love RGIII and if he is sitting at 6, whoever turns in the card should be somersaulting to the podium. It can happen, I see Seattle taking Peyton, Miami taking Flynn and Cleveland taking Trent Richardson. we can't afford to give up multiple high picks for any one player, RGIII included. Tannehill from A & M isn't worth a pick at 6, but if he is there in the second round, I'd take a flyer. If we don't get RGIII, I'd try to trade back. Our needs include people who can change the game. At 6 we need to be picking a starter, or trading back a few picks to get value and additional picks. Jeffrey is sitting there, we can get a trade partner

We do need an upgrade at QB, who can play now. I'd look at Kyle Orton, even Jason Campbell. Rex Grossman isn't entirely to blame, but he is a back up at this point.

the Skins had a good draft last year, and the culture is changing hopefully. The worst thing we could do from an organizational standpoint is revert to making big moves in the off season. We have picked starters the last few years in the draft. Williams hasn't shown he was a good pick yet, but hopefully he'll come out with an attitude.

We need more pro level players, on both sides of the ball. We need play makers on the outside, who can turn short catches into big plays. We need people on D who can create turnovers and make something out of turnovers.

can't wait for the draft, and hope RGIII is there, not expecting it, but stranger things have happened.

If not, I think we pick up

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