Is Weeden too old ?

Ive read a lot of comments saying we should take Foles or Wilson over Weeden. I dont understand this . I always thought that we wanted the best player for our team not the youngest. To me looking at the numbers he is the 3d best quaterback behing luck/RG#3. So here are 3 facts to support my argument after the jump.....

1) His numbers I will start by compairing his numbers this year with those of other top qb drafted

Weeden: 408/564=72.3% 37 td-13 picks 4727 yards

Bradford(08 season) 328/483=67.9% 50td-8picks 4721 yards

Stafford 325/382=61.5% 25td-10 picks 3,459 yards

Newton 185/280=66.1% 30td-7picks 2,854 yards(1473 rushing yards 20tds)

Ryan 388/654=59.3% 31tds-19picks 4,507 yards

So hes got the highest comp% the most td's behind bradford and the most yards .

2) List of older qb's that were/are succesfull in the NFL and started later in their career

Kurt warner -28 Matt Cassel -26

tony romo -27 Aaron Rodgers-25

David Gerard-29 Kevin Kolb-27

Ryan fitzpatrick-27 Derrick Anderson -24

Im sure im forgeting some guys but the point im trying to make is age is not a realistic factor of success in the nfl. the are plenty of 30 something super bowl champs. none of these teams said hes to old to build around lets find some one younger except cleveland

3) Drafting Weeden is the best thing we could do if we end up with RG3 or Tannehill obviously we wouldnt be looking to draft another QB until the 3d or 4th round if we got one one of those guys. but I look at it like this if your the top QB drafted your not as worried about a vet outshining you in camp because you know you will eventially be the starter but if you have compition form another rookie especially if we end up with Tannehill that will push the first qb to work that much harder knowing there is a capable guy behind you on the roster . where as a guy like Foles or Wilson may not be as ready. while Foles has been more consistent and gottem better every year he just not a winner.Russel Wilson has the top O-line in college and a beast at running back his numbers where good this year his comp % over the past 3 seasons has been in the high 50's which is below average compared to other 2nd tier guys. I dont get the hype around Tanehill I dont feel like hes the best of the 2nd tier qb's just because he's fast.

So that being said if someone can give me a reason other than age why the redskins shouldnt target Weeden I would like to read it. I would much rather have a 28 year old on a 3 year deal with potential to start right away if he doesnt work thats fine we can draft his replacement or keep him as a back up. now lets say we draft Foles or Tannehill early in the 2nd and they have a Jason Cambell type of year 20tds-13 picks if we have a loosing record lets say 7-9 and were in the top 15 of the draft do you think people will be saying trade up for barkley or draft Landry Jones no they will say lets build around our qb and see what he can do thats my fear to be in Cambell era all over again

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