The Future of Professional Sports: UTB

Gladiators maim, injure, and kill. The crowd roars. That was the norm for Greco-Roman times. The human mind has an innate need for blood, for violence, for destruction.

The first step towards returning to that society, is happening now. Ultimate Tazer Ball.

The basic premise is there are two teams, each consisting of four players. There is one ball and two goals. The facets of every professional sport are there. There's just one catch, each player is armed with a taser.

Read on for my take on UTB....

I'm going to skip all of the clever innuendo's that could be thrown around like candy on halloween here...

In a nutshell, this is absolutely one of the stupidest things I have ever seen, yet easily one of the most entertaining. In the society we live in now, one can sue for their coffee being too hot. All because it didn't have a a clear disclaimer. Those same yahoos, the same selfish people suing for stupid reasons, will be the fans of this sport.

UTB is a cash cow. As I said before the jump, it feeds the human basic need for violence. People will flock from all corners to watch a bunch of... what's the politically correct term for 'idiots'?.... taze each other and lay in convulsion on the ground.

It's hard to imagine how this wasn't foreseen. This sport can easily be considered a slap in the face of professional athlete intelligence worldwide.

Let's try and establish the rules to this game:

1. Taze people

2. Run sooper fast so you don't get tazed

3. Taze people again

Looks like a good episode of cops, if you ask me.

I understand this has nothing to do with Redskins Football. But as a representative of fans of professional sports, I feel as if I need to address this.

It's a 100% entertainment goldmine, and I am 100% sure I would be entertained watching it... immensely. That's not my point. I can't, with a clear conscience, watch this. It's like my brain has reverted back to Neanderthal status.

Against my better judgement, here's the website.

I've said my opinion, what's yours?

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