WR’s the Redskins Should Consider in 2012 Draft

Consider the fact that the Washington Redskins wide receivers have lacked yards after the catch (YAC) and overall play-making ability last year. Therefore, in determining the WR’s who the skins should avoid in the draft – let’s remove a few names that will not solve the YAC issue for the skins:

· Alshon Jeffrey – I know he is a beast of a WR which makes him a massive target. However, he does not create much after the catch and in terms of YAC.

· Jeff Fuller – Decent WR that can catch and make average plays. Reminds me a little of Devin Thomas (not in a good way either). Seldom does much after the catch.

· Nick Toon – Not a lot of stats or highlights for this guy. Doesn’t seem to be the true play-maker that the Redskins need. His projected 40 time is 4.60, which could make it difficult for him to excel at the next level.

· B.J. Cunningham – Projected 40 time is 4.62 and only 6’1" tall. Not much statistics to consider coming out of Michigan State.

In addition, I don’t see the Redskins taking any WR that is less than 6’0" tall, at least in the higher rounds. The Hankerson pick last year shows the team is set on bigger targets for the future. Just look at the majority of NY Giant WR’s (Victor Cruz was an undrafted FA), which gives E. Manning larger windows. That’s what will help any future Redskin QB. Therefore, based on height concerns, remove the following players:

· Kendall Wright

· Ryan Broyles (tough decision as I’m an OU fan in Oklahoma!)

· T.Y Hilton

· Joe Adams

· Tim Benford

· Eric Page

· Marquis Maze

· Jarius Wright

· Patrick Edwards

· Devon Wylie

· T.J. Graham

· Travis Benjamin

· Bert Reed

That still leaves a lot of talented WR’s for the Redskins to consider. However, I’m betting that the Redskins will do 1 of 2 things:

1) Trade up for RG3 (or)

2) Trade down for more picks

With this in mind, the odds of Blackmon or Michael Floyd are not likely. That leaves the following possibilities for the Redskins (depending on what round). Of course, some of these prospects will be late round or even undrafted Free Agents.

· Mohamed Sanu

· Dwight Jones

· Rueben Randle

· Marvin McNutt

· Marvin Jones

· Tommy Streeter

· Brian Quick

· Jermaine Kearse

· Stephen Hill

· Jordan White

· Jerrett Boykin

· Juron Criner

· Chris Givens

· Jordan White

· Greg Childs

· A.J. Jenkins

· DeVier Posey

· Chris Owusu

· Rishard Matthews

· Lance Lewis

· Junior Hemingway

· Matt Austin

· Darius Hanks

· Derek Moye

· Da’Jon McKnight

· Gerrell Robinson

· LaQuinton Evans

I really like Sanu if he’s available for the Redskins. Juron Criner impressed me in the Senior Bowl and could be a late round addition. Many of these guys will bring needed height and play-making ability.

Please add comments on who you feel the Redskins should select.

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