Solve QB; I almost don't care how!

There seems to be a lot of division among Redskins fans about what to do at QB. Me? I would actually be perfectly OK with a handful of the alternatives that have been bandied about.

PART I: Preferred

In NO particular order, here are the three moves that I would be pleased with:

1. Signing Peyton Manning


2. Trading up from #6 for Robert Griffin III


3. Trading down from #6 to stock up on picks, and using one to draft a lower-tier Tannehill-Foles-type QB.

Any of those 3 are fine by me. I feel like there's a major battle going on between proponents of the first option and of the second option, but I think either is good under the correct circumstances. And any caveats are somewhat irrelevant to me: if Manning won't sign for less than $30M guaranteed or whatever, then just pick a different option; if the Rams want too much for the second pick, then pick a different option.

PART II: If You Must

Shanahan, Shanahan & Allen could find themselves stuck at #6 in the draft and unable or unwilling to get Peyton Manning. In that scenario, the next two options are acceptable.

4. Picking a non-QB at 6, and drafting a QB in the second round if there's still one you like available. I'd also be OK in theory with trading back into the first round if there's a guy you really like, but that didn't exactly work out the last time it was tried (Campbell).


5. Signing Matt Flynn, and picking a non-QB at 6. I fear that Flynn is more likely to be the next Scott Mitchell rather than the next Matt Schaub, but if the 4 options above don't work, I'd be okay with the Flynn option, if the price is right.

PART III: For the love of all that is good and right, please don't do any of these.

The cynic in me suggests that any of these options is merely a ploy to get into position to draft Matt Barkley in 2013.

6. Signing Kyle Orton. The only thing that could be said for this option is that it is not as bad as the others below. But it would still suck. (If you thought Campbell had OK stats but couldn't win...)

Of course, I didn't exhaust all the possibilities in my first five scenarios. The worst case scenario in my mind is: Cleveland trades up for Griffin, nobody wants to trade for the sixth pick, and Flynn signs with Miami, and Manning with, say, Arizona. Would I accept Kyle Orton in that scenario? I guess I'd have to. But I'd also accept watching the UFL in that scenario.

Now for the two real stinkers:

7. Reaching for a QB at #6. (Unless Griffin falls into the Redskins' laps, but then it's not a reach, right?) In Don Banks' (SI) first mock draft, he had Washington picking Tannehill at #6. My innards immediately began to rot.

But at least Option 7 would not mean:

8. Going into camp with a Grossman-Beck competition at quarterback. In this scenario, I would strongly consider switching allegiances to my dad's team: the Giants.

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