Are we Really Mortgaging the future with a trade up for RG3?

The one thing i keep hearing over and over again in reference to a trade up for Robert Griffin III is that if the Redskins trade up that they will not have any draft picks over the next 2 years or that pulling the trigger on a trade will mortgage the future and that this team is NOT in a position to make a trade for Robert Griffin III. It is debatable for what exactly it will cost in draft picks to trade up to the #2 spot with St. Louis but a lot will be uncovered after free agency. With Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn due to fill the needs at QB for a couple teams the market will surely change after free agency..

So just for this post I am going to use this trade scenario for acquiring Robert Griffin III and i think the trade will be close to this one. Redskins send 2012 1st rd, 2nd rd and 2013 1st rd, and 4th rd to St Louis in exchange for the 2nd pick in the draft. This move leave the Redskins with 2012 3rd, 4th,4th, 5th, 6th,7th. I think most of us would agree that Shanahan and Allen had a pretty good draft last year with getting 12 drafted players most of which contributed in some kinda way last season. The results of last years draft should ease any anxiety with trading up cause they have shown that they can find some nice players in the mid-later part of the draft. So this is what a draft could look like if they traded up for Robert Griffin III.

1st Rd QB Robert Griffin III 6'2" 220lbs Baylor

2nd rd traded pick to St. Louis

3rd rd WR Brian Quick 6'3" 222lbs Appalachian State: A big body with good hands, will fight for the ball in jump ball situations, good speed for size has a high ceiling could be a future #1 WR (Brandon Marshall)

4th rd T Andrew Datko 6'6" 310lbs Florida State: has good feet and is quick,able to get to the second level of the defense

4th rd WR T.Y. Hilton 5'10" 185 lbs Florida International : Has exceptional 4.3 speed, change of direction and elusiveness run after the catch type, good hands and great KR/PR ability (Steve Smith type)

5th rd CB Donnie Fletcher 6'0" 201 lbs Boston College:nice skill set with a combination of ideal size and quality speed, very good tackler in run support

6th rd C David Molk 6'2" 290lbs Michigan:a fast and mobile blocker who did a good job of opening up holes, fit the zone blocking Scheme undersized

7th rd ILB Adrien Cole 5'11" 250 lbs Louisiana Tech:is a physical, in-the-box defender who projects to an inside linebacker in a 3-4, could learn and play special teams

Now i realize that some of these guys might not be there when the Redskins pick but there are a couple guys i would target in each round

3rd/4th round targets : WR Marvin McNutt Iowa, TE Ladarius Green Lafayette, T Mitchell Schwarts Cal, WR Jeff Fuller Texas A&M, WR A.J. Jenkins Illinois, CB Josh Norman Coastal Carolina, CB Dwight Bentley Lafayette, CB Casey Hayward Vanderbilt, T Brandon Mosely Auburn, T Nate Potter Boise State, S Markelle Martin Oklahoma State,S Antonio Allen South Carolina, G Senio Kelemete Washington, G Lucas Nix Pitt, WR Juron Criner Arizona

So if the Redskins can get RG3 and some of these guys in the mid-late rounds i think it will make the overall team better without "Mortgaging the Future" I am sure Shanahan and Allen can find talent like they did last year. All of this is without filling some needs with Free Agency.

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