What IF the Redskin's signed Peyton Manning?

I was listening to Mike&Mike this morning talking to Adam Shefter and then Trent Dilfer about potential landing spots for Peyton, which got me thinking along those lines. The Redskin’s were one of four teams they focused on (Miami, Arizona, Was, and TN) as the strongest destinations.

I am not advocating the signing of Peyton Manning, nor am I necessarily against it. I do see some pros to that direction though, based on what Shefter/Dilfer said and below is my off-season plan to that end.


Adam Shefter

  • Indicated Peyton has been working out and fully expects to play
  • He could potentially get released next week, which means he can sign immediately with another team.
  • Shefter indicated Manning won’t wait until the start of the next NFL season (middle of March I believe)
  • Said teams would look at a package deal to entice Manning

Trent Dilfer

  • Said Manning will want to go where he is comfortable with the O coordinator
  • Go somewhere we he can have freedom to change plays and run a no huddle to dictate the tempo of the game.
  • Wants to run multiple TE sets which helps him keep a defense off balance
  • Doesn’t want to play many 2 back sets (FB) unless short yardage

General assumptions

  • No trade ups or downs
  • I only have 1 underclassman drafted (#6 overall) as I read on a couple occasions Shanahan/Allen’s lack of drafting underclassman since arriving in Washington.

Draft valuations use this list (not saying I agree with all those values):

Redskin’s Sign Peyton Manning (I’m not focused on money for this scenario)

One HH discussion yesterday focused on who/what would attract free agents on offense and Manning fits that bill. Folks mentioned that receivers like the route trees the Redskin’s use but Grossman/Beck detract from that value.

Manning’s accuracy, ability to dissect defenses, and ability to run an up tempo offense will also help both our offense and defense. The speed he gets through reads and makes throws will make our offensive line look much better.

Free Agency

    1. Sign WR Reggie Wayne (Package deal): Still a Pro Bowler and Manning’s favorite target. It would also give us a trio of Hurricanes at WR (not as flashy as signing VJax, or Dwayne Bowe mind you).
    2. Sign C Jeff Saturday (Package deal): Immediate (not necessarily long term) upgrade to Montgomery pushing Montgomery back to oline depth.
    3. Sign G Russ Hochstein: Nicks and Grubbs are the premier guards on the market. Under this scenario I just don’t think we will have the money for either one of them. Hochstein I believe was drafted by Shanahan and therefore understands the ZBS and would come in at a moderate price tag.
    4. Sign CB Tracy Porter: As Football futures indicates, “Porter's biggest problem is the inability to complete a 16 game season. When healthy, he's a consistent starter for the Saints and another good number two cornerback. I like Brent Grimes better but think Atlanta isn’t going to make it easy for him to leave (they will show him the $$).
    5. Sign S Tyvon Branch: I am advocating bringing back Landry but Branch could play into a starting role should we deem Atogwe a failure or Landry’s injuries continue to plague him.

Re-sign: Fletcher, Landry (unless he is talking crazy talk $$), Fred Davis, Lichtensteiger, Montgomery, Carriker, Hightower, and Westbrook (for his ST play)

Keep: Cooley and DeAngelo Hall (only mentioned because I have heard folks say they cost too much.

2012 Draft (remember no trade downs)

1st round: OT Reilly Ratliff (Jr)

2nd round: CB Chase Minnifield (Sr)

3rd round: OT Nate Potter (Sr)

4th round: DT Alameda Ta'amu (Sr)

4th round: ILB Audie Cole (Sr)

5th round: WR Jairus Wright (Sr)

6th round: QB Russell Wilson (Sr)

7th round: C William Vlachos (Sr)

What are folks thoughts? I know this isn’t the first “Manning” post J but I tried to game plan for the entire off-season based around that premise just for fun.

I feel like this plan will give us some front line starters, some guys to compete for time, and some guys to provide depth/backfill for the future.

I guess I am just getting a little too anxious for the off-season and draft to begin.

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