Know Thy Frenemy: Week 14


Hogs Haven keeps track of who to root for (and against) in the other games of Week 14

The Redskins emerged victorious with a big win over the Giants last week, but are still on the outside looking in when it comes to the NFC playoff picture. Heading into week 14, this is how it looks.

In the NFC East, the Giants still hold a slim lead over the Redskins and Cowboys, standing at 7-5, one game ahead of the two 6-6 teams. For the wild card, the Bears (8-4) and the Seahawks (7-5) are currently at the top, with the Buccaneers and Vikings tied with Washington and Dallas at 6-6.

There are some big games this week besides the big clash against the Ravens, so let's look at them.

1:00 E.T.:

Cowboys @ Bengals

Who to Root For: Bengals.

Why: While the Redskins own the tiebreaker as of now, the Cowboys are also 6-6, putting them in a similar situation as Washington in both the division and Wild Card races. On the other hand, the two teams will play in the last week of the season, so the 'Skins will get their chance to make their mark.

Line: Bengals -3.

Importance Level: One "Go Catch Your Dream".


Eagles @ Buccaneers

Who to Root For: Eagles.

Why: At 6-6, the Buccaneers are among the pack of teams vying for that second Wild Card spot, along with the Redskins. At 3-9, the Eagles are not.

Line: Bucs -7.5.

Importance: One Superman.


Bears @ Vikings

Who to Root For: Vikings.

Why: While the Vikings own the same record as the Redskins, Washington holds the tiebreaker and Chicago stands two games ahead, holding the top Wild Card spot.

Line: Bears -3.

Importance: Three Barneys.


4:25 ET:

Cardinals @ Seahawks

Who to Root For: Cardinals.

Why: At 7-5, the Seahawks are currently in possession of the second wild card spot, one game ahead of the Redskins. They're the team Washington most needs to fall.

Line: Seahawks - 10

Importance: Five Elmos.


Saints @ Giants

Who to Root for: Saints.

Why: Even though New Orleans is right behind the pack in the Wild Card race, Washington is also only a game out of the division race. Winning the NFC East would make things a whole lot easier.

Line: Giants -5.

Importance: Five...mismatching outfits? I don't know what those are.

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