Offensive Plays Redskins Must Add Now!

While the Redskins offense is very dynamic and is currently keeping defenses off balance they will need to continue to add new plays to fool defenses. This is vital to continue during the current playoff push, especially against teams such as the Ravens.

Here are some new plays that could easily be added to the Redskins playbook;

1.Flea Flicker: Imagine the defense closing on Morris after a toss or handoff. Suddenly, Morris tosses back to RGIII for a deep pass. Such a play would even open up the possibility of tossing back to RGIII for a sweep the opposite direction (Morris starts right, RGIII sweeps left).

2.Shovel Pass: RGIII drops back to pass, the defensive ends are steaming ahead and drooling for a sack. RGIII shovels to Morris (or Royster) as he runs through the heart of the defense. This would help force defenses to cover the middle of the field and open deeper passing. Great option on 3rd and long too.

3.WR Reverse: I’m surprised the Redskins have not done many reverses lately. I would love to see some trick plays also. One trick play, I call a "Delay Reverse"; RGIII could fake a roll-out or run to one side, WR fakes a block or chips, then runs behind RGIII for the late toss and crosses the field. Could even pass it hear if the WR can throw.

4.TE/FB Screen: The WR screens are great most of the time; however I would like to see more TE or FB screens. This would get more strength out on the sideline and run over some DB’s. In addition, I could envision a TE screen fake – Throw to Cooley on right, he passes back to a wide open RGIII for a run left or deep pass.

5.FB Plays: I would like to see D. Young get more carries in this offense, esp. against the Ravens. I was glad to see him used on short yardage in the Giants game. That physical style is what the Redskins have lacked in recent (losing) seasons. Young can also catch in the flat and challenge those DB’s on the edge. The Redskins should get more creative with runs to D. Young. This will limit the defenses ability to key on Morris and RGIII.

If the Redskins can continue to add more options for RGIII, this will keep defenses guessing on every play. I feel adding such plays as above; will keep the Redskins in the playoff hunt this season.

Please let me know your thoughts or new play ideas! HTTR!

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