Alfred Morris Does Awesome Reddit AMA

Rookie running back Alfred Morris stopped by the popular social news website Reddit and participated in a popular Q&A session called an AMA where users prompt others to "Ask me anything". Several celebrities have taken to this section recently, including President Barack Obama, Jimmy Kimmel, Ron Paul, Stephen Colbert, Bear Grylls, Deadmau5, Zach Braff, Neil Strauss, Tim Ferriss, and others. These all allow users to ask any questions they wish.

Alfred's AMA started off with a standard Reddit-esque question :

I would be terrified of 100 duck-sized JJ Watts, but I digress.

Should we be expecting some coreographed rookie touchdown dances between RG3 and Morris?

Apparently FAU has some sort of racoon problem. In other news, Alfred Morris won't even curse in acronym form.

Now the AMA started getting interesting. I was impressed (but not surprised) that Alfred Morris puts in 12-hour days during the week. Film room junkies are always the smartest football players.

Awesome to know that Morris's "I can't believe I'm here moment" is the same as mine -- that 3rd down conversion to ice the game against the Giants on Monday night. I think most Redskins fans agree that was one of the highest points of Redskins history in the last several years.

Hard to pick out the things Morris has had difficulty with on film -- he has been great on blitz pickup.

Alfred even gave the Steelers defense their props.

Important to note that Morris really set himself apart from the rest of the backs in that game against the Bears this preseason.

Shout out to RB coach Bobby Turner? Maybe Kyle or Mike Shanahan too? He doesn't say coaches so I have to assume Bobby Turner. Can't argue that the Shannys haven't put AM in some great positions.

The AMA wrapped up with a few fun questions about Morris's 91' Mazda aka Bentley, favorite teams growing up and fantasy football.

Alfred's AMA was extremely popular - gaining over 2000 upvotes and over 1000 comments - including some from Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, a diehard Redskins fan himself. Reiterating the fact that not only is Alfred Morris an incredible talent on the field, he is also an incredible character to have apart of this Redskins franchise as fans around the league start to really take an interest in the Redskins this year.

Makes you thankful Vinny Cerrato isn't around anymore...

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