From Worst to First Surprising Almost Everyone

Note: Please keep in mind I'm not a great writer.


via ESPN

Nobody gave the Redskins a solid chance this season. I could say even my expectations were fairly low (For the record my prediction was 7-9 or 8-8, which is pretty low for my standards). I typically over value how good my favorite team is, however before this year reality set in. I figured we would make strides toward being a good team but I figured we were still a few pieces away. I was excited about Garcon and Cofield. I was weary though, of getting overly excited and being disappointed like years past. I knew RG3 would be really good but not this good. What baffles me is this projection above, even last year with Sexy Rexy as our starting QB we managed 5 wins. The 'so called' experts all picked us to be last.

DIVISION FINISH: 4 Robert Griffin III gives Redskins fans reason to be excited, but this is still a team in building mode. This year should help show them whether Pierre Garcon can be a true No. 1 WR and whether Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan can be a dominant pass-rushing duo.
DIVISION FINISH: 4 Robert Griffin III has generated plenty of excitement. It's Mike Shanahan's mission to either scheme or build a talented offense around him, which may take some time.
DIVISION FINISH: 4 Good enough to beat the world champion Giants twice last season and surprise many this season.
DIVISION FINISH: 4 Washington has enough defense to compete. The question is how fast coach Mike Shanahan can get rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III up to speed.
DIVISION FINISH: 4 After more than a decade, the Redskins think they've found their franchise quarterback: Robert Griffin III. There's a lot to like about him.


I do have to admit nobody had any idea what Shanahanigans the Shanahans were up to with the zone read option and pistol, nobody realized how good Alfred Morris would in the running game, how solid Pierre would be as a number one WR, how the defense would show up when they needed to despite injuries and how potent this offense is. This is why I take these predictions with a grain of salt. However, their predictions in addition to how exciting this season has been is why this has been the most satisfying season I've ever been a part of. The Dallas victory now ranks as one of my favorite victories by the 'Skins. That list includes my previous favorite moment going back to when I was in high school (2006) on the Mark Brunell to Moss TD in overtime to beat the Jaguars. Nothing tops beating Dallas twice in a season, beating them to get into the playoffs, and beating them to knock them out of the playoffs. What a trifecta. Hail to the Redskins. Bring on Seattle.

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