Classic Kyle

Listening to Kyle reminds me so much of Robert's and Alfred's interviews: down to earth, sincere and straight-forward, no pretense, no conceit. Nothing is a big deal to them. Yet, somehow it's a huge deal to the rest of us.

So try to forgive me for quoting Kyle from today, 12/27, when he responded to a question about "the process and evolution" of creating his East Coast Offense. Kyle's response epitomizes his (and Robert's and Alfred's) modest, "no big deal" attitude and approach.

Q: "Can you explain the process and evolution of how you and Robert meshed your talents and knowledge and his unique skillset to create what you've done in such a short period of time?"

A: (Kyle) "I think the reason we were able to do it in such as short period of time is because it's not much different [than the Redskins' previous offense.]"

"You throw a few zone reads in there. But from a blocking standpoint the philosophy of what you're trying to do, it's very similar to the outside zone run game. You're just adding another player into it with the quarterback. It's a little tighter. It's a little bit more downhill. You're reading that defensive end, whether the quarterback pulls it or not."

"And the running game that we've run here for three years, the one we did in Houston the whole time I was there, the one I know, that Denver has done for the last 15 years, when you do the outside zone you're stretching them one way. And when the defensive end is closing too hard you run keepers and boots going the other way. And the only thing the zone read is, is you run downhill right at that defensive end. And when he [the DE] is closing hard then the quarterback just pulls it and goes. So it's very similar to something we've always believed in"

"So we didn't have to change a lot. You add in a couple new runs which brings in a couple new protections and then you have the play passes off of them. But conceptually it's the same routes and stuff down the field. It's just a little bit different of a wrinkle and how you protect [the QB] and defend the guys [who are pass] rushing and the looks you give them in the run game."



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