Braves On a Warpath: Philly Edition

This is something I do personally, in my head, every Sunday before game day. Much like Reverend Redskin, and most of us out there posting our 'statuses' or tweeting how we feel, this is how I express myself before game day. Lets get our motivation up, lets wake up, stretch, and put the face paint on. Let us Don our Warrior Garb of Burgundy and Gold, and go out there and show them who owns this division. I hope to write this every week for everyone. Here it is:

Welcome to history in the making. This is a year unlike anything most of us have experienced in our entire lifetime. This isn't like 2005 or 2007, this feels like the real deal. A turning point in our franchise, once again.

The last time the Redskins we're at all relevant was before i was entered into the educational system. The last time we won the super bowl, i was entering pre-school. At Four years old, i occupied my time playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and watching the Power Rangers. I pretty much could care less about the Redskins at that point. But only because i didn't know yet.

Now, present day, the wait is finally over. Or at least it feels like it is. Our heavy emotional investment in this team finally seems to be paying off, and in the next two weeks a lot will be revealed.

Like many of you, I was at the Monday Night Massacre. I was buying beers at the stadium every time we got scored on, and by halftime i was almost black out drunk. I remember the riots in Fed Ex from a couple of years ago, when the Eagles couldn't stand to lose, so they started multiple fights throughout the stadium. I remember the pain, anguish, and frustration of it, vividly, and it is time for retribution.

I want to blow them out. I want to have a Seattle-esque game against them and rack up 50+ points. I want to hear "WE WANT DALLAS" screaming from the stands of an away stadium somewhere in the fourth quarter of this game. I want to show them no mercy. I want the Eagles to realize what they started, and I want Philadelphia to pay for it.

Welcome to the basement of the division Philly, we left it nice and clean for you.


are you ready?

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