What Was Your Favorite Washington Redskins Memory?


With the end of the world just hours away, it's time to look back at our favorite Redskins memories.

Just like the world was suppose to come to a crashing halt when the clocks rotated to year 2000, the Mayans predicted a long time ago the world would end on 12/21/2012 at 11:11AM (local Mayan time). Right as the Redskins get out of the down years and get RGIII, it's; all over. Well, at least the Redskins won't leave this world with extra draft picks from the future!!! Maybe Vinny Cerrato's calendar was off every year.

Since we've become a bit of a family, let's break this thread into one of two ways:

  1. What's your favorite Redskins memory of all time?
  2. What's your favorite Hogs Haven memory?
For #1, many of the older Redskins fans will surely say John Riggins 4th and 1 Super Bowl run that he took to the house vs the Dolphins. I unfortunately don't remember that, but I do remember being at the 1992 Super Bowl parade on Constitution Avenue and meeting Doug Williams later in the day.I have to dig that picture up.

For #2, I polled the Hogs Haven staff in what their favorite Hogs Haven memory was. For me, one of them is the time we were cold calling old Redskins players from whitepages.com. I found Tom Tupa's number and IM'd it to Ken to call. It took a bit of time during the interview for Ken to realize he was actually talking to Tom Tupa Sr.!

Steve Shoup: My favorite time/post was how the writers and community came together to keep quality content flowing during the lockout. It was a time that should have killed our traffic and stories, but thought that we produced a lot of quality free agent and draft content during that time. Parks' position-by-position free agency series that summer that allowed the readers to vote on who they should get, within a budget was great work and a lot of fun to be a part of.

Tiller: I gotta use this at my own expense. I gotta go with the multiple comments I made on Alfred Morris, and how I though he shouldn't even make this roster. You know, I'm not wrong often, but boy was I wrong with him, haha.

If you think of anything else I did stupid over the last three year (like my obsession with the Twilight Saga, or calling Eric Dane a good looking dude), feel free to add those.

Ken Meringolo: I have many, but I suppose I will harken back to the first time we were invited to cover a closed minicamp with other members of the media at Redskins Park. Kevin and I stood on the sidelines, in the rain, next to Jason La Canfora who was working for the Washington Post at the time. You name the amateur move-we made it. We did an extensive interview with Stephon Heyer with Kevin holding a handheld mini-recorder. About three-quarters of the way through, I looked at Kevin and could tell by the look on his face that the recorder was not working. He still held it out there...and I still kept asking questions. I am pretty sure Kevin asked Jim Zorn about the offensive line depth chart for Week One...this was a minicamp held in late May.

Read the full article from that day here...you won't regret it.

So what's your favorite memories. And, it was nice knowing you.

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