2013 Washington Redskins Mock Draft

Gregory Shamus

Latest look at the Washington Redskins 2013 Mock Draft.

I wanted to share with everyone my updated 5 round 2013 NFL Mock Draft. I made a few big changes to the Redskins, in part because they keep getting a lower draft position (HTTR!), and also because I feel they may take a more balanced approach.

2nd Round- CB Jordan Poyer, Oregon State:

I continue to like Poyer for the Skins in the 2nd round. he could be off the board, but he seems to be a little under the radar among many in the draft community. He displays good coverage and ball hawking skills and looks to be a a good starter at the next level.

3rd Round- OT Rick Wagner, Wisconsin:

As a late 3rd round pick I feel he'd be a great pick-up, and he could definitely be in the mix to start. He's a smart tough offensive linemen, who I believe will have the lateral quickness to handle the ZBS system. Remember he did protect a mobile QB in college, so that is a plus for him.

4th Round- TE Dion Sims, Michigan State:

Fred Davis probably won't be retained if he wants any serious money next season. The Redskins run the ball more than they throw, allowing them to add a bigger, stronger TE to the mix with Logan Paulsen. Sims has top 2 round potential, but doesn't have the production to back it up. He has a few red flags, but that hasn't stopped the Redskins before. They also can get a pretty honest assessment from his former QB Kirk Cousins. At 280 pounds Sims is a good inline blocker, but he also has some quickness to get separation and make plays in space. He'd be a nice value pick and addition to the Skins, even if he was just a 2nd TE as a rookie.

5th Round- S Phillip Thomas, Fresno State:

Thomas is a guy who could definitely go higher based on his senior year production, but prior to that you have a missed year due to injury and two non-descript seasons. He'd be a nice fit on the Redskins given his basic knowledge of the 3-4, and some playmaking potential, and would be an excellent pick-up if he falls. If many of the top underclassmen safeties declare he could be on the board here. If not, he's likely gone sooner.

5th Round- RB Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina:

Mike Shanahan will draft a RB late, that much is essentially guaranteed. For as great as Alfred Morris has been, Shanahan knows better than most the importance of RB depth. Lattimore would have been a top 25 pick if not for back-to-back injury shortened seasons. This is a bit of a risk given that he may never come back healthy, but would be a worthy investment for the Redskins. Even if he only comes back 75% he could be a valuable back-up.

What do you guys think?

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