Daily Slop: Logan Paulsen Gets Heavy Praise from Pro Football Focus in Run and Receiving Game

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Redskins media links roundup.


PFF: Review of Redskins vs Browns Game
Logn Paulsen: The big tight end was efficient if unspectacular in the passing game, catching all four balls thrown his way for 47 yards, 25 of which came after the catch - but it was in the run game that he really stood out in this game. Paulsen (+3.3) was a big part in the success of the Washington running game, sealing in whichever Browns defender lined up over him and allowing his running back to make it to the edge and turn the corner. The Redskins averaged 4.7 yards per carry around the end to the left of the formation, and 9 yards per carry around end to the right with Paulsen taking on linemen, linebackers, and secondary defenders. The Redskins appear to have found themselves a player.

Mike Shanahan can coach football — who knew? - The Washington Post
Sally Jenkins reports that Mike Shanahan bungee jumps, cliff dives, and makes annual trips to Vegas for high-stakes poker.

Jordan Black says suspension had ‘nothing to do with steroids’
"What I want people to definitely know is that it has nothing to do with steroids. I mean, I guess it has to do with performance-enhancing drugs, because it’s on the list, but it is NOT a steroid. It is a prescription."

Redskins decided during bye week not to lose anymore
"I promise you I’ll come back and I’ll be a better quarterback the second half of the season for us, for this team," Robert Griffin III said just after the Skins lost at home to Carolina.

RGIII-Rob Parker flap makes French press

Kirk Cousins says ‘TEAM’ before calling every play
"We’re trying to run the clock out at the end of the first [half]. He gets off the headset with Kyle Shanahan, comes into the huddle and he says, ‘Guys, I want to talk to you for a second. I have a couple things to tell you.’ In the huddle. ‘First, protect the ball. Second, stay in bounds. TEAM! Then he calls the play."

RGIII sets jersey sales mark
RGIII has sold more jerseys in a single season than any NFL player over the last six years.

Come Rally With The Redskins In Philly!
Come out to the Wooly Mammoth bar on Saturday night to rally around the Redskins!

Cousins Nominated For Rookie Of The Week
He and Griffin III became the first duo to each have started a game for the Redskins as rookies in the same season since Heath Shuler and Gus Frerotte in 1994.

Lichtensteiger Named Ed Block Award Winner
The honor is given annually to a player from each National Football League team who displays extraordinary courage in the face of adversity.

Could the offensive line be the Redskins’ undoing?
Mike Shanahan doesn’t sound worried. It could be coach-speak of course, but in Mike Jones’s Tuesday story about the O-line, Shanahan praised the depth that he’d drafted over two years, and noted that different line combinations rotate in during practices. If the man who studies these players as closely as anybody is confident, maybe you should be too.

PFF: 32 Observations: Week 15
Washington Redskins: Quarterback Robert Griffin III has 12.4 yards per attempt on play-action passes, which is the highest in the league by more than a yard. He also runs play-action passes on 38.2% of his attempts, which is also the highest in the league.

Redskins’ progress is now evident, coach Mike Shanahan says

Redskins' OT Jordan Black: A railroad job | WashingtonExaminer.com
Redskins offensive tackle Jordan Black, suspended by the NFL on Monday for taking performance enhancing drugs, said he was taking a drug prescribed by a doctor for a diagnosis confirmed by several doctors, including one’s from the NFL.

Film breakdown: The Eagles’ not so special teams – Blogging the bEast
Hopefully the Redskins can return one this year already.

The Untold Story Of That Classic ‘Hogs Night Out’ Redskins Poster | Mr. Irrelevant

Report: Tebow will ask to be traded or released | ProFootballTalk
Tebow will ask to be traded or released by the Jets if Greg McElroy starts the last two games of the season.

Victor Cruz visits Jack Pinto’s family | ProFootballTalk
Cruz contacted Jack Pinto’s family on Saturday night after learning that he was a big fan of the third-year receiver. Cruz honored the boy by writing "Jack Pinto, My Hero" on Cruz’s cleats.

Seahawks dominating like no NFL team in more than 70 years | ProFootballTalk
The Seahawks have won their last two games by scores of 58-0 and 50-17, a total combined margin of victory of 91 points. That doesn’t happen every year. Or even every half-century.

Sanchez gets Twitter death threats after loss | ProFootballTalk

Rookie Offensive Linemen Need to Step-up | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog
The Washington Redskins are in first place (technically a tie) after 15 weeks of the NFL season, due in large part to the play of their rookies. Quarterback Robert Griffin III and running back Alfred Morris have been integral parts of the Redskins success this season. Other rookies like corner back Richard Crawford and linebacker (before he got injured) Keenan Robinson have also contributed to the Redskins in a positive way this season.

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