Kirk Cousins Won Rookie of the Week. But Will it be Russell Wilson Who Wins the Super Bowl His Rookie Season?

The Redskins have won the Rookie of the Week honors an astounding 9 times this season. (Cousins once, Morris twice and Robert six times.)

I'm elated Kirk won it, and admit he got my vote because I'm a homer. (But I thought for sure Russell Wilson would win this Week's Rookie of the Week.)

In leading the Seahawks to victory the Richmond native and NC State graduate (before Wisconsin) went 14 of 23 for 205 yards, a TD and no picks. He also ran for 92 yards and 2 more TDs for good measure. This allowed the 'Hawks to score a staggering 50 points!

If that most recent performance isn't scarey enough for fans of other teams, consider this. Wilson has averaged a 117 passer rating over his past 5 games. Over the past 7 games he's passed for 13 TDs while giving up only 3 picks. He's also run for 310 yards in those most recent 7 games.

Here's something else you might enjoy knowing about 3rd rounder Russell Wilson:

Wiki: Wilson's great-great-grandfather was a slave to a Confederate colonel and was freed after the Civil War. Wilson's grandfather, Harrison B. Wilson Jr., is a former president of Norfolk State University who played football and basketball at Kentucky State University. His father, a lawyer, played football and baseball at Dartmouth and was a wide receiver for the San Diego Chargers preseason squad in 1980. Wilson's brother played football and baseball at the University of Richmond, and his sister is considered one of the top high school basketball prospects in the country.

(...I have to admit this sounds a lot like my family resume. jk.)

Now for the scariest part if you're not a Seahawks fan. While Wilson is dominating NFL defenses, guess how Seattle's defense is doing. Pause and take a wild guess at a number from 1 to 32 before reading the next sentence. I dare you.

Take a deep breath. Seattle's D is the 2nd best in the league in yards allowed. They're also second in points allowed.

If the Skins can get past Philly and Dallas there's a really good chance they'll face the Seahawks at Fedex. RG3 or Russell Wilson on the field for every play of a game. Wow, imagine that game's ratings. I have to believe Seattle's D will allow them to win that game. No matter what route they take, they'll likely have to get past San Fran's mean defense and suddenly dangerous offense. Could Seattle do it?

Here's the only good news in all of this for Redskins fans. Right now you can get around 17-1 odds on Seattle winning the Super Bowl. How often does a deal like that come around?! (...possibly about as often as a RG3 or Russell Wilson do.)


Russell Wilson pic via

Russell Wilson regular season highlight video:

Here's a Seattle Times Article from the 19th, stating the case for Wilson to win ROY:

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