View from the Top (of the planet)

This is my first FanPost. I have been a regular visitor at Hogs Haven for the last 3-4 years. I make an occasional comment here and there but I am mostly a quiet member of the community. I enjoy Ken giving us what we want and Kevin giving us what we need. I am still trying to figure out what makes Parks such an angry young man. I am consistently amazed at the insight that UK brings and have learned more than I thought that I ever would about the game that I love. I have had a few discussions on line with Tiller and he strikes me as a guy that I could enjoy a beer with.

Well here is a little about me. My name is Jason. I am in the Bill Ward age group. I am 43 and my formative football fan years were during the glory years of Joe Gibbs, the original incarnation. I grew up in Centreville and Fredericksburg. My job moves me all around the country. My current stop is in Alaska. Hence the title of this post.

What motivated me to finally put up a FanPost? Quite simply, the win today against Cleveland. Like rest of you that frequent this site, I live and breath all things Redskins. Like the rest of you I have suffered through the early years of Dan Snyder's ownership with an undying devotion. No matter how bad the product, I kept coming back for more. (Here in AK that means heading to the bar at 8:30 AM, in the dark and was 40 BELOW zero this morning.)

So what motivated me to write today... This is the first game that I have seen since about 1991 where I knew this team was going to win. This game felt different. All of the signs pointed to a neo-classic Redskins collapse:

  • Coming off a big (unexpected) win
  • An easily overlooked opponent
  • An untested second string QB making his NFL debut
  • The chance to take the lead in the division
  • Stinking it up coming out of the gate

Wow, all of the makings of Snyder Era Collapse, right. But somewhere in the depths of my Redskins soul, I knew that we were going to win. Here is why...this team is playing for each other. I am not sure if it is RGIII's charisma, or Shanny's leadership, or the exuberance of youth or the heart of London Fletcher or stability and lack of drama in the front office or maybe it is some combination of all of them. But whatever it is I knew this was a team that would put their egos aside, come together and that we were going to win.

This is what it felt like all those years ago. I am ready for the next phase of the glory years.


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