Know Thy Frenemy: Week 15


Hogs Haven keeps track of who to root for (and against) in the other games of Week 15.

After another big win for the Redskins, the coverage this week has been RGIII heavy - either wondering if he will be play on Sunday or addressing Rob Parker's asinine comments made on air this week. Regardless of who Washington plays at quarterback, this is how the playoff picture works this week:

At 8-5, the Giants hold a one-game lead over the Redskins in the division. The Bears and the Seahawks also stand at 8-5, taking up the two Wild Card spots, with Washington, Dallas and Minnesota all tied at 7-6. The Redskins currently stand on top of the three-way tie between those teams. If the Cowboys and Giants both lose, and the Redskins beat the Browns, then the Redskins will be first in the NFC East.

Let's take a look at the key matchups this week that don't involve Washington.

1:00 E.T.:

Packers @ Bears

Who to Root For: Packers.

Why: The Redskins are a game behind the Bears and two behind the Packers. Green Bay is just one game ahead of Chicago in their division race, but Washington should be happy with them running away with the division if it means the Bears slip up.

Line: Packers -3.

Importance Level: Four "Go Catch Your Dream"s.


Vikings @ Rams

Who to Root For: The Rams.

Why: This one's a little more tricky. While Minnesota is tied with the Redskins at 7-6, the Rams are right behind at 6-6-1. That being said, it is better for Washington if the Vikings lose this one.

Line: Rams -3.

Importance: One Superman.


Giants @ Falcons

Who to Root For: Falcons

Why: Getting back into the thick of the division race would make life a hell of a lot easier. Atlanta is the best team in the NFC, and this should be a great game.

Line: Falcons -1.5.

Importance: Three Barneys.


4:25 ET:

Steelers @ Cowboys

Who to Root For: Steelers

Why: Pittsburgh is fighting in a playoff race of their own, and Dallas and Washington are neck-to-neck in both the division and wild card races.

Line: Steelers -1.5.

Importance: Three Elmos.


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