The Streak Snappin' Skins



So... since the Redskins bye week, they are 4-0. Shocking to many, as well as extremely exciting to more. There is a streak that the redskins have been creating during this time, and the funny thing is, that streak.... is breaking other teams streaks. Or statistical anomalies. I wanted to write this to run through some of them.

Week 11: The first game after our bye was against the Eagles. The Dismal Eagles. The "Unmitigated Dumpster Fire" Eagles that the ESPN NFC East blogger Dan Graziano put so elegantly. Already on a pretty decent losing streak themselves, the Eagles came into our house hoping to win.

Coming into that game the Redskins were:

0-4 out of their bye

0-8 against the last 8 rookie QBs they faced.

and 0-3 against the eagles dating back to 2010.

The Redskins won.

Week 12: Thanksgiving. Against Dallas, no less. Side note: BEST THANKSGIVING EVER! I am pretty sure, after the week before and our 31-6 drubbing of the eagles, most skins fans were like me, thinking it honestly couldn't get any better. But it did. Despite a nail-biting second half, and that oh-so-familiar "oh shit" feeling we all got with 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter, the Redskins won. again. 2-0 out of the bye.

Coming into THIS game, the Redskins:

have NEVER won against Dallas on Thanksgiving.

were facing Tony Romo, who conveniently is a 5-0 starter on Thanksgiving as well.

Up until thanksgiving, home teams on thursday night were 7-3. (after Turkey day, 7-6. All T-day road teams won. wow.)

Week 13: Monday night. Uh-oh. Primetime. I immediately started having flashbacks of the Redskins wearing the awful all-burgundy uniforms and getting destroyed by the Steelers in '08. Eck, i can still taste the onside kick. Redskins won 17-16 and WHAT A GAME. Here are some more streaks broken.

Monday night:

The Redskins, before this game, were 0-10 AT HOME on MNF.

The Giants were 26-0 on the road leading at halftime.

The last time Giants lost after leading at half time? 2006... against the Titans.

Week 14: The Ravens. And I'm sorry I'm not sorry, my friends who bleed Purple and Black. It was a GREAT game, and, for the first time i think ever, the Redskins were favored against the Ravens. Of course, i don't actually know about the lines of our past games against each other... but i do know these streaks.

The Ravens were 3-1 historically against the Redskins in the Regular season.

The Ravens were also 15-0 coming off a loss since 2009. That means they haven't had consecutive losses since then. Crazy.

So now the Skins are sitting pretty at 4-0 since the bye, starting our own little streak in the process, and i have a question for all of you. What streaks are against us vs the Browns?

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