The Birthday of an Aspiring Redskin

I'd like to dedicate this to my girlfriend Danielle and my mother Tracy. Without these two loving women this post would not be possible.

First and foremost let me start by saying I am a HUGE FAN of this website. I check it fervently several times a day.

Four years ago I remember leaving M&T Bank stadium a pissed off Redskins fan. The Ravens had just whooped us 24-10. My brother (who is a Cowboy fan) called me that night harassing me about Ed Reed scoring backwards and Derrick Mason just embarrassing Carlos Rogers for the Ravens final touchdown on national television.

To make matters worse, my mother (who is a Ravens fan) threw salt in my wounds by asking me if I enjoyed my birthday gift (she actually got me the ticket to the game).

The next day was actually my birthday. I remember going to work and all of the Ravens fans let me have it!!! They were RELENTLESS in their trash talking. Eventually I just lost control and erupted in a rage of anger. ON MY BIRTHDAY I WAS FIRED!!!! To make matters worse as soon as I'm leaving work, my father (who is a Cowboys fan too) calls me wishing me happy birthday and then proceeds to talk his trash as well.

That was probably the worst birthday I ever had. My Redskins were whooped on national television and the very next day I was fired.

The past few years the Redskins have always let me down around my birthday. In 2009 it was the game against the undefeated eventual Super Bowl champion Saints. Shaun Suisham missed a damn 23 yard field goal and of course Brees marched the Saints down the field for the game winning touchdown.

In 2010, it was the game against the Giants. Our first ever game to MetLife Stadium and we got our assess kicked 31-7. Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw just annihilated our defense. At the time we were jockeying for playoff position, but this game ended all hopes for that.

Finally in 2011 it was the Patriots game. We played the eventual AFC champs extremely tough. Rex Grossman had one of his better games of the year but Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski were just too much to handle. (I still have visions of Gronk running through Ryan Kerrigan). We had a chance late but in typical Redskins fashion Santana Moss fumbled the game away on the potential game winning drive.

Fast toward to 2012, I was extremely optimistic facing the Ravens. We were riding a huge wave of momentum heading into this game after 3 straight victories over divisional opponents. And the Ravens were struggling with their own issues, so I had HOPE and EXPECTATION that we would walk away victorious

The whole week my girlfriend (who is a Ravens fan) was unusually upbeat about my birthday weekend. I really didn't expect much, just dinner and watching the game with my family.

However, she had got us tickets to the game. She surprised me with them outside the Golden Coral around the corner from FedEx Field. I was completely ecstatic and filled with so much joy and jubilation, I almost pissed my pants.

We made our way to the stadium and we notice at least 50 couples that were split with either a Raven or Redskin fan. So that was pretty cool to see.

The atmosphere was just so amazing. As we settled in our seats we watched the pregame intros. FedEx went into a frantic frenzy as RGIII made his way out of the tunnel.

After the Redskins first offensive drive, my voice was gone. After screaming during the intros and boisterously singing Hail to the Redskins as if my life depended on it after the first touchdown my voice was more cracked out than Bobby Brown

As the game drew closer to the end, I had little to nothing to say. After the Ravens went up 28-20 my girlfriend was ready to have her victory speech prepared. Especially after we thought Niles Paul fumbled away the following kickoff after the score.

Just another Redskin letdown on my birthday I thought to myself as the play was reviewed. Eventually the ruling was overturned.

I would like to make the assumption that the addition of RGIII has given Redskins fans a legitimate dose of HOPE and EXPECTATION. Hope and expectation that for the next 10-15 years the Redskins will be consistent Super Bowl contenders.

As an aspiring NFL player (I'm currently a walk-on linebacker at Morgan State University) I received several encouraging complements from my fellow Redskins fans about being a future Redskin. On that day RGIII and Kirk Cousins taught me several valuable lessons.

On final drive in regulation, RGIII displayed the testicular fortitude that EVERY NFL player should have. He was hell bent on willing his team to victory and sacrificed his body for that cause. On the other hand Kirk Cousins displayed the mental aptitude to have the "next man up" mentality. Staying hungry and motivated, the offense didn't miss a beat.

As Cousins lead us on that game-tying touchdown drive, of course my voice "magically" came back. My girlfriend looked on in disbelief as I sang Hail to the Redskins all in her face.

As we all know the rest of the game was history. As Kai Forbath's game winner sailed through the uprights I hugged my girlfriend and cried in her arms.

Other than the birth of my child, that was the best day of my life and it was all possible because of her. That was one of the best things that anyone has ever done for me.

After the game, we waited by the tunnel where the players come out. As if my day couldn't get any better my girlfriend gets London Fletcher to sign my hat!!!! "Holy Shit", I thought to myself, "I was just in the presence of a future Hall of Famer!"

Just when I thought that my birthday weekend couldn't get any better, she takes me out to dinner where LaVar Arrington does his sports weekly show for DC 50. Her co-worker know him, so they set up this months in advance. I met LaVar, we shook hands, exchanged a few words, and eventually took a picture together.

On the car ride home I began to think of all the past Rex Grossman's and Mark Brunell's I had (ex girlfriends) and thought of all the lost hope and failed expectations that were associated with them. Then I thought how now I have my own personal RGIII. And that thought alone gave me another sense of HOPE and EXPECTATION.

#HTTR!!! Thanks for reading!! Please feel free to comment!!!

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