OROY Debate: New Element

As many of you know, there is a debate raging on of who is better, Andrew Luck or RGIII. Most conversations are predicated on the "Andrew Luck is better because he has more wins on a team that had only two last years" argument and of course the "Luck is doing it on his own, w/o a running game". Although these are both great points I would like to chip in with my homeristic view on another element of this race. The element of accolades already obtained of course!

Let's take a look at the awards that they both have already obtained,

  • Pepsi Max Rookie of the Week: RGIII-6, Andrew Luck-3

§ Weeks 1 ,4, 6, 11, 12, 13

  • Conference Offensive Player of the Week: RGIII-2, Andrew Luck-1

§ Weeks 1, 11

  • Offensive Rookie of the Month: RGIII-2, Andrew Luck-1

§ September, November

  • FedEx Air Player of the Week: RGIII-2, Andrew Luck-1

§ Weeks 1, 12

As you can see RGIII trumps Luck in the award category 12:6. This is across the board in both average Joe voting (Pepsi Max, FedEx) and selection by experts (Offensive ROM, Conference OPW). So you could say that everyone agrees. What this really does show is that our QB is more likely to enter the game and be the unparalleled player on the field, as a rookie. Now I'm not saying this isn't possible for Luck, but it has happened much more often with Griffin, which is where the stats come into play as proof. If I'm not mistaken this is what the AP voters are supposed to vote on, which player is already playing at a great level in their rookie season.

What you may be asking is, "Jason, Why on earth do you dismiss the wins as a valid argument?" The answer to that question is, I don't count one player as the reason a football team wins, ever. I look to see if a player has enough of an impact, and Luck sure does have one, but he sure isn't the sole reason that the Colts are winning. What we forget is that before the God-Awful 214 season the Colts were one of the teams to be year in-year out. To say they "blew up" their team would be incorrect. The general manager and coaching staff was ridden of, but a total of 2 corner stone players were waived, Saturday and obviously Manning. The Colts are what some of us consider the Skins, a team that was a QB away. We saw how awful they could be with a great one, and how terrible they could be with a Collins/Painter/Orlovsky combination. Now Luck is showing us how good they can be again with a good QB.

All in all I think they're both going to great for a looooooong time, but I think RG deserves the award now, short of a stretch of brilliance by Luck or a seriously crappy streak by RGIII.

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