We Need to Talk About Kyle

It is time to flush out the last pockets of resistance against Kyle Shanahan's offense and the Shanahan regime in Washington and abroad (ESPN).

"I came away thinking it's good to have some of this stuff because sometimes people can't defend it," said ESPN's Tim Hasselbeck in an interview with the Post's Mark Maske (prior to RG3's last two games) "But you look around the league, you see [Miami rookie quarterback Ryan] Tannehill thriving in a conventional offense. You see [Indianapolis rookie quarterback Andrew] Luck thriving in a conventional offense. And he [Griffin] certainly has conventional-offense skills"

WHAT!? Ryan Tannehill is "thriving" in Miami right now?

Is Andrew Luck really "thriving"? 255 of 449 (56.8%) passing for 3,205 yards, averaging 7.14 a completion, his longest play is 48 yards (not really on him, but regardless), he's thrown 13 touchdowns and 13 interceptions, been Sacked 26 times (same as RG3), and has a passer rating of 76.7. The Colts have had some emotional wins but come on, Luck is THRIVING?

"I wonder if maybe they're taking too many steps down the path of something where I'm not sure if it works. I think you have to be careful when you adopt something and make it the main course of what you're doing."

I felt this was the only fitting response to these words:

The madness has to stop.

Thank you, Kyle Shanahan, for not wasting unprecedented talent trying to box Griffin into a "conventional offense". Never mind the fact that you completely redesigned a prolific, innovative offense around the person we mortgaged our future for - you've kept league defenses, especially in the NFC East, off-balance with half the talent of other clubs and little help from your defense.

Would we ever see coordinators like Colts OC Bruce Arians or Dolphins OC Mike Sherman, mainstays of the pro-style offense, taking the risks Kyle has taken with this offense and RG3? Shanahan has guided RG3 to a ROY award and even possibly the MVP, not to mention the success of Alfred Morris and O-line adjustments. In his third year calling plays, the Redskins are a top ten offense and the rookie savior is a top five quarterback.

There will be serious discussions about Kyle Shanahan for head coaching vacancies around the league.

Who wouldn't want a 32 year old, dynamic, offensive-minded coach with 9 years (yes. 9.) of NFL coaching experience and the debut of Robert Griffin III on his resume? Kansas City wouldn't be a terrible destination for an ambitious young coordinator; and even bloggers in Philadelphia are ruminating about a Shanahan era in the City of Brotherly Love.

"Contender: Kyle Shanahan. The Redskins are losing yet again, but their offense under the stewardship of Kyle Shanahan has been electric. The 32-year-old has done wonders with rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III and will get interviews for coaching vacancies in the offseason." -

There really is no room for argument on this point anymore:

Kyle Shanahan has to be the next head coach of the Washington Redskins.

How often do you get a chance to have a 32 year old, prodigy (yes, we can call him that again) coordinator take over with little to no turnover in the leadership and management of your team? The Redskins traded away a substantial portion of their future for the services of Robert Griffin III - why develop him one day (let alone two years) in a system and culture if ultimately your plans are to move in a different direction? What could be more conducive to the sustained success of the Redskins franchise moving forward than the opportunity for Kyle Shanahan and RG3 to expand and grow the offense together?

The Washington fanbase has been starved for a young, innovative face to lead this team in a new direction for nearly a quarter century. Regardless of your opinions of Mike Shanahan or nepotism, It it time to champion continuity and ingenuity, and tap the homegrown talent we've seen leave the organization and go on to success over the years.

Yes We Can-ahan!

Call your congressman.

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